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Tokyo Ghoul
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Both are about a teen that is transformed into a ghoul/vampire against its will and their struggle to fight the need of feeding from other humans.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
Both main characters are struggling to find their real identity. They have to deal with the unwanted power that is given to them and have to live through it as they unravel the secrets and mysteries of the environment that they're currently living. Uncertainty , confusion, and acceptance.
report Recommended by Hesternal
An introverted student is unwillingly given supernatural powers by a woman which makes them have to feed on other humans. The struggle of protagonists trying to find their place in both worlds is shown. Both share the horror/psychological genre and have a similar artstyle of detailed, yet crude.
report Recommended by Jerkhov
Both MC are attacked by girls and lose their humanity. Both MC want to protect his friends. Both mangás have violence and blood.
report Recommended by Satoshi-
MC is changed into something that preys on humans, and goes through psychological turmoil.
report Recommended by SaxyGeek
- The synopsis speaks for itself - - Similar tone in both manga's first chapter - - While Tokyo Ghoul leaned more towards the action/fight part, Happiness focused more on the psychological aspect
report Recommended by Ace_39