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Ajin has slightly better art, and isslightly darker than tokyo ghoul. Both have great world building and focus on the main character 'becoming a monster'. Once you get passed the first chapter of tokyo ghoul both hold your attention.
report Recommended by airyie
Built around a dark premise, Ajin and Tokyo Ghoul tell a story of supernatural horror. The main male protagonist tragically realizes the life he knows will be changed forever after one faithful day. Throughout both series, they struggle with their human nature. They also get involved with other supernatural beings with psychological tendencies played out in their perspective stories. If you're interested in horror with plot twists and struggling with inner demon paths, then I would suggest to give these two titles a try.
report Recommended by Stark700
The story, atmosphere, themes, and characters in both Tokyo Ghoul and Ajin are similar in my opinion.
report Recommended by Rica_Patin
Both revolve around two groups living side by side: humans & ajins; humans & ghouls - where ajins and ghouls are considered to be 'inhumane' and 'monsters', but have the appearance of humans meaning it is considerably difficult to tell them apart. The mangas tell the stories of young boys who get caught up in this whole human vs. 'monsters', and find themselves either fully or 'partly' on the side of being a monster. They both have considerable (a lot) amount of gore, death, etc. and are of dark themes. They are enjoyable reads that are sure to maintain your attention with their art styles   read more
report Recommended by BEWITCHING
I must clear the air from the other Ajin review. Ajin is more shounen then seinen, and the art gives it much more of that feel too. I saved Ajin to read after TG because of the recommendation saying the first chapter of TG was slower but this was not the case. I don't even think Ajin is darker. I much preferred Tokyo Ghoul. With that said I think it's worth it to try reading Ajin. Both have monsters in human form, gore, and relations between monsters and humans that are fairly interesting, and monster-monster interpersonal relationships. Ajin took longer for me to really get   read more
report Recommended by acrawlingchaos
Both manga are similar as they explore, the dark side of human nature . both of these manga are about Demi- human , While tokyo Ghoul is about a half human and half ghoul , Ajin is about a boy who find out he a immortal Ajin . While the art in Ajin is better , the story and atmosphere in Tokyo ghoul is darker and better . their both good read so read them if you get the chance
report Recommended by MrOri
Both have a dark theme and both have a male non-human main character. Some gore here and there and the Psychological genre is strong in both mangas.
report Recommended by FirePokemon
Very Smart Schoolboy suddenly goes from Average Teen to No Longer Human and must cope with being hunted by society as well as a changing set of morals. He must find AND come to terms with his new unique place in the world - he is no longer human, but he doesn't quite fit with the Not Humans either. Also there's a load of blood and violence and animal instinct and emotional turmoil all under the everpresent theme of ADAPT OR DIE. (Tokyo Ghoul has more of the wild emotional trauma/distress and Ajin has some amazing deadened emotions - both styles are executed very well and   read more
report Recommended by slugcop
it's both male main characters both the main character in ajin and in tokyo ghoul have supernatural powers (immortality, super strength and so on) both stories is taking place in tokyo or nearby. when i was reading ajin the first manga that came to mind was tokyo ghoul. they share the same vibe and the art is stunning in both manga's.
report Recommended by lena_hatsune
"Why must one die?" is a question in both series. There are creatures called "ghouls" in Tokyo Ghoul and "demi-humans" in Ajin. They share the similar dark theme where humans hunt these creature. The main protagonists in both series has seen the perspective of humans and are turned suddenly into the other creature.
report Recommended by TheOllie
Both of these are about a maincharacter that first lives as a human but later turns into a non-human creature that is feared by humans and struggles with their existence. Even though the MC's personalities are very different and TG has a lot more characters than Ajin both have a lot of horror + mystery, are very interesting and have good characters.
report Recommended by bbkarat
A world where a certain kind of individuals are being persecuted and hunted, and an MC that gets thrust into that world, becoming one of them without having a choice.
report Recommended by joe_g7
It's pretty much like tokyo ghoul except better and less edgier
report Recommended by ZANTACLASK
If you liked Tokyo Ghoul’s chaotic prompt to have the protagonist find out they are a deviant species, you will certainly like Ajin. They both have intricate systems of how their supernatural beings work which is enjoyable if you like gore (and biology, of course.) Additionally, they both dwell deeply in psychological and sociological themes—specifically if it is alright to sacrifice a minority for the sake of the whole. Character-wise, unlike melodramatic Kaneki Ken, Nagai Kei is an extremely pragmatic and detached character. Though scared at first, Nagai never lets his emotions cloud his judgment and comes up with outstanding strategies unlike Kaneki who often lashes   read more
report Recommended by cce
Both have nonhuman creatures (who seem to be normal at plain site) who've been thrown into a world where they're constantly fighting to live. The protagonists are alike in the whole fighting for their own humanity thing (though it's dealt with that quite distinctly). Both stories question life and death and what they really mean. Overall I found both series to have a similar appeal to them while simultaneously doing their own thing.
report Recommended by autocorrectsan
The story/plot setup is very similar to each other. Both main characters are looked down on and/or treated harshly because of what they become unwillingly. At the start, it would seem like a Tokyo Ghoul rip off but the story does differ after a few chapters. Still, mostly anyone who likes TG would like Ajin. (I would throw in the Hide - Kaito similarities as well but...)
report Recommended by Artropos