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The heroines of these manga want to get a boyfriend, but that's not so easy for them. Risa is a bit too tall while Haruna has a bad fashion sense and a masuline build due to playing baseball in middle school. Along the way they end up going out with the guy who supported them and helped them from the beginning.
report Recommended by Canal
Both Koukou Debut and Lovely Complex are lighthearted shoujo romantic comedies. The main couple in both these series follow similar patterns. Risa(Lovecom) is worried about her height and Haruna (Koukou debut) is too atletic to get guys. Both fall in love with guys at first who end up getting other girlfriends, then go for the guy that they've known longer. They're both very cute and if you liked one you'll probably like the other. They have a similar feeling to them.
report Recommended by katsup
Both mangas are very similar in relationships and how they began there love interests... Its not the height complex but Haruna couldn't get a boy because her styles/body tone didn't attact them, she is more "buff"(you don't notice) because she played for the softball team... Both of them start out trying to look for boyfriends and winds up ending with the guy they were close to in the beginning...
report Recommended by y0l3itches
Cute, funny, quirky, and all around awesome and enjoyable shoujo high school romance series. They both have a very similar vibe to them, and similar approaches to their manic, endearing love stories. If these two series were people, I'd think they'd been separated at birth.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
A boy and a girl who at first are friends later they fall in love
report Recommended by doorotka
Love, sadness, excitement, and just about every other emotion can be express while you're reading these two manga, They are both so alike yet at the same time so different. Koukou Debut is about a girl name Haruna, who had just enter her first year in High School. Like most girl that are portray in shougo manga, she's looking for a boyfriend. But things aren't going well for her as she has such a terrible taste in fashion and a masculine body due to playing baseball in Middle School. Lovely Complex is about a girl name Risa, who's also in her first year in High School   read more
report Recommended by asianxweirdo
Both share a girl main character that has never had a boyfriend and attempts to get one. Risa (Lovely Complex) is taller then average and Haruna (Koukou Debut) has no fashion sense so they each get help from another guy, who they end up falling in love with. They are romantic comedies with very cute art styles.
report Recommended by Foxeywood
Opposites Attract.
report Recommended by Taylorgg12
Both Lovely Complex and Koukou Debut involve the characters searching for love. In Koukou Debut though, only one of the main characters is looking for love. I personally think Lovely Complex has much more comedy in it then Koukou Debut. In both mangas, the main characters end up falling in love with a person they didn't expect to fall in love with. These mangas both contain a decent amount of school life and tons of humor with romance! :]
report Recommended by Lightzu
Both are great romantic comedies. Both heroine are hilarious along with the the male protagonist. However the slight difference is that in Koukou Debut Yoh is like a super hottie compared to ootani in Lovely Complex who is short. Beside that, everything is pretty similar. If you like one, you should like the other too! Hope you enjoy!
report Recommended by zaharat
Hogh school love's. Same sort of feeling you get from reading. Both are actually light hilarous manga's. Also both the girls really do have a few similarity's. They are both not really feminine, also both don't give up so easily, and both are also very enjoyable. The guys also first act hard to get, and come over as indecisive. Don't forget to check the other one out!
report Recommended by xWendyx
Both about couples that really don't want to admit their love at first (because they swear not to fall in love for one reason or another), but of course inevitably get together eventually. The heroines have problems with trying to act and look more feminine.
report Recommended by lavender_cello
Lovely Complex and High School Debut are similar because in both manga, they help each other with relationships and then fall for each other in the end.
report Recommended by HousekiGirl