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It's by the same author so the feelings and atmosphere around it are very similar. Some characters are also very similar both in looks and personality with some of the Pandora Hearts characters. I also tend to believe they both happen during the same time period aka the 19th century basing myself on the clothes, just that Pandora hearts happens in England while Vanitas no Carte in France.
report Recommended by NekoMinSeo
Manga by the same author as Pandora Hearts, Mochizuki Jun. Though Vanitas no Carte is noticeably darker and more mature, it explores similar themes as Pandora Hearts.
report Recommended by KiraKirasPanda
Sorry for bad English, I used google translator to write this. It is the same author, has similar traits, characters that somehow resemble those of Pandora Hearts, and appear to have a plot as dark and complex as.
report Recommended by Woray
This is Mochizuki's new work after Pandora Hearts with Vampires and Steampunk. The story has many twists and has the same tone and magnificent art as PH. Basically its her new work. Read it.
report Recommended by Naomiyaki
It has a very similar vibe to both manga.
report Recommended by Blazeexten
Same author, same mystery kind of feeling, some characters look a bit similar. It's hard to say much at the moment
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
Vanitas no Carte has the same author, Jun Mochizuki. It's another beautiful work and the art style has only improved since Pandora Hearts. I don't usually care for vampire-related stories but this is an exception! The characters are very lovable and the plot is interesting yet still quite mysterious, much like how it was in Pandora Hearts.
report Recommended by Lacie-san