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Both stories have similarity, between the Contractor and the Demon. They also have similar style and era. Characters wear Victorian-dress and Gothic style. The main characters have same deep conflict regarding their past times.
report Recommended by Jirichi
These manga have different plots and yet, many similarities: - Beautiful artwork - Victorian Era fantasy - The main hero makes a contract with a supernatural being in order to discover his past, the secrets surrounding his family and loved ones. However, PH focus a lot more on romance/friendship, while Kuroshitsuji has a focus more on mystery. Still, both present you with lots of action, adventure and mostly, with unexpected twists that will leave you speechless for quite some time. The characters make you get attached to them, with complex personalities and backstories. There are no gary stu or mary sue and you'll be surprised and never get   read more
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both stories have a similar dark and creepy atmosphere and have a Victorian setting. The protagonists of each series is a high-ranking nobleman (well, boy) that have made a contract that is probably going shorten their life spans considerably.
report Recommended by adamantine
Both characters have a contract of somesort with someone/other, are warped, have a dark past, are hunted down for a reason/reasons, ect...
report Recommended by AuroraStar
i first read PH than kuroshitsuji, && i can tell that while im rading Kuroshitsuji, i have this same feeling while reading PH too. i mean, it'll give you lots of emotions. you'll laugh, cry & get mad too!creeps & darkness are together. both are great manga. im sure you'll definitely get addicted to both of it.:)
report Recommended by chie_shou13
Both series have a sort of fantasy Victorian theme, though Pandora Hearts focuses more on fantasy and Kuroshitsuji on Victorian. Kuroshitsuji is, overall, darker than Pandora Hearts, though Pandora Hearts does have a fair share of horror, but neither are without humor.
report Recommended by wolfie559933
Both series have a gothic themes, contract with an unknown force for the sake of survival and have somewhat twists as the series process. The artstyle from Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji are very well-drawn, clothes are drawn very detailed. They also share similar humor. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that both series are from Square Enix.
report Recommended by Hanaki_Neko
Kuroshitrsuji and Pandora Hearts are lot alike. In both stories something tragic has happened in the past. There are supernatural powers and both have a lot of comedy and adventure. both are truly amazing stories with a contract between the two main characters. These two stories will make you laugh, cry, and make you want to punch that one person in your class whom you hate. They both take place in the past around the Victorian Era. While Kuroshitsuji has a gothic style of art and story and Pandora Hearts has a brighter and cheerful aura the two stories will always make you love one   read more
report Recommended by amyred20
Both Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji deal with servants and their masters. In both of these, the master is a (in the words of Sharon from Pandora Hearts) "shota" type and the servants are "bishounen". Both of the masters in these series have a dark auras to them at times (although Oz seems nicer than Ciel at first glance) and both of these series involve contracts plus lots of bishounen. These manga both have dark/Gothic atmostpheres to them and both are set in a European setting.
report Recommended by Katsuki_Shizenno
Not only do Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) have a similar style with their settings, there are also numerous similarities when it comes with the general setup. For instance, there is the concept of a 'contract' between two main characters. The story feels like a fantasy adventure with darker tones and motives as the series progresses. In light of this, the relationship between the two main characters are the most fascinating as we get to see different side of them. Recommended for anyone looking for a fantasy adventure with an elegant Victorian setting.
report Recommended by Stark700
-Both main characters make a contract with an demon being to get out of a nasty situation, are born into the upper class, and will died once the contract is over (Well in Pandora Heart the contractor may as well be dead) -The demon beings are used for protection and fighting -Both series have a servant-and-master relationship with the demon being and contractor -You have no idea what happened in the past traumatic event with both series. -Both main characters are searching for something but the things are different --Both are not finished and are a page turner(at least in my opinion) but Pandora Hearts does have several plot twisters --And   read more
report Recommended by ScarletCat
If you're a crazy kuroshijitsu fangirl who likes ghotique fantasy stories, Pandora Hearts is the perfect manga for you! It has: great characters, hosbendos and waifus, feels, comedy, feels, and -yaoi- shipping! But in all seriousness tho, Pandora Hearts is a great manga with unique and lovable characters with a story that goes deeper then Kuroshitsuji in my opinion (although, I have to admit that Kuroshitsuji is better on comedy level).
report Recommended by Ludwigoat
Drama, action,And the contract, surprises, and,Mystery and more And much more advise you to read it as soon as you love Manga Pandora Hearts or kuroshitsuji
report Recommended by Xerxes_Break11