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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Both have incredible comical aspects to the stories as well as a slight incorporation of drama. Additionally, they're both based during the main actresses' high school days. And, well, the main protagonists cross-dress, and are admired by main male students. Really, both stories have similar plots except Hana-Kimi is driven with one major goal while Ouran continues many episodes of stories that seem to not lead to a major plot ending as of yet, at least. Both are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the comedy and just overall amazingness of each story.
report Recommended by Rie
Cross dressing action and lots of cute boys!
report Recommended by Kelissa
A girl who hides her identity and its surrounded by a lot of guys. In hana-kimi she goes to an all boys school just to see her idol, in ouran she must fulfill her debt so... she is forced :D both very funny and interesting stories
report Recommended by hanabiii
Both main female characters are posing as males in a school. Both are comedys and romance, though one leans more to romance, and the other leans more to comedy. Both main female characters have similar personality traits, straight forward and oblivious to the feelings of affection from the guys surrounding them. both are reverse harem.
report Recommended by Kelseyr04
Screw-ball romantic comedy involving a girl who cross-dresses due to a certain reason and must maintain the secret in order to *insert whatever here*
report Recommended by hellishsymphony
they both take places in an all boy school and shojo beat recommended it
report Recommended by r00kie_06
hana kimi and ouran hshc are similare because the main character of both of the series are girls posing as a guyand that they are serounded by guys
report Recommended by toki-doki
Similar story line, interesting characters with lots of humor.
report Recommended by jmwatson
Both are gender-blender manga, involving the heroine masquerading as a boy and living amongst beautiful bishounen. The only difference is that in Ouran, the host club know that she is a girl (but the customers don't ^_^) and in Hana-Kimi, only a couple people know. However, both are extremely well-written and a great read!
report Recommended by Susurrous
they are very similar because they are both about a girl pretending to be a boy being together/having to do with other guys.
report Recommended by Pixilate
Really, the dynamics are quite similar, along with the basic premise: girl crossdressing as a boy go to a school. Haruhi's is unintentional, Mizuki's is not. Both mangas have the same feeling when you read them. Just give both a try! :)
report Recommended by TheFukoMaster
Ouran and Hana-Kimi are both adorable Mangas about a girl disguised as a boy, who have to keep their real sex kept quiet. Both mangas are insanely entertaining and funny. They are also exceptionally heartwarming :)
report Recommended by kiorebel
If you liked one of these titles, then you'll probaly like the other. Both begin with a female character in boy's clothes who is mistaken for a boy. Both must hide their gender, but somone('s) discorver the 'he' is actually a 'she'. Both deal with homosexual relationships, but are not big on them. They're both romantic comedys that have obvious male leaders/choices. And both series have a love triangle within them. Trust me, if you like one of these series, you're going to love the other. :)
report Recommended by Atikal
Both about a girl who cross dresses as a guy. Both are very comical and have similar humor. Both contain cute boys and the heroine falls in love with their sempai
report Recommended by Taylorgg12
Both Hana-Kimi and Ouran have reverse harem romance setup and quite funny. I would say ~75% of Hana-Kimi is humor. There is more romance in Hana-Kimi than in Ouran, but the main plot lines follow a female pretending to be male and several key characters knowing her true identity. The main heroine in Hana-Kimi is a strong independent young women who are also very kind and great friends to the other main characters. Both tales are heart warming and revolve around school life. Hana-Kimi is highly recommended if you enjoyed Ouran!
report Recommended by justabovemaine
Both of the series have gender-bending, romantic triangles, and fun comedy. They're both really great series and Hana-Kimi is highly underrated; I really recommend it.
report Recommended by battlewaitress
In both series, the main feamale character cross dress as a boy and go about without anyone knowing. In Ouran, she didn't intend to look like a boy until she is forced to, due to a debt she owes. In Hana-Kimi, she purposely cross dresses to enter an all boys school, just to see her idol and pursuade him to re-start his dream. They are both HILARIOUS and has romance. I remember laughing all the time in those series. Both my favorites. When you finish reading them, you will feel such loss, but glad that the series is filled with funny, romantic, and fun parts.   read more
report Recommended by Liamon
Both mangas centre around a cross-dressing female protagonist, who find themselves surrounded by males. The cross-dressing becomes the central plotline to both mangas issuing their own problems. A slight difference, however, is the level of romance: Hana-Kimi focuses more on the romantic feelings of Mizuki, whereas Ouran weighs towards Haruhi's friendships and development into romance. Each manga left me laughing for the absurd yet relatable situations the characters find themselves in. Both mangas have their own distinctive set of characters which makes it hard not to fall in love with. Though they both give the comedic punch, they each are able to tackle with the   read more
report Recommended by bluebird016
Hana Kimi and Ouran will definitely make you laugh and cry. Both stories have great characters and storylines.
report Recommended by kay_robin