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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
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~ Similar genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, School . But Namaikizakari have "Sport". ~ A HANDSOME TEASING/ARROGANT Male lead & a COOL, STRONG, MATURE Female lead . Usui Takumi = Naruse Shou Ayuzawa Misaki = Machida Yuki ~ Female lead in Kaichou wa maid-sama is a President of the Student Council, while the Female lead in Namaikizakari is a Manager of Basketball Club. ~ Male lead falling in love first with the Female lead. If you like Usui/Misaki in KWMS, then you might like Namaikizakari!
report Recommended by kawaii36
> both romance/shoujo mangas with a lot of good humor in the storyline > both have similar feling > both of the female leads are intresting, tough and deny that they are in love > both of the male leads are handsome, flirty, arrogant boys, but at the same time they can be cute and loving.
report Recommended by Miauu
They give the same kind of feeling. Not so feminine female main character, that falls in love or something with a super handsome guy... I like them both. So, if you're a fan of the gender (shoujo manga) then you'll probably like them too. ^_^
report Recommended by HiridessaCullen
both have the male lead who pursues their love for the tough, independent, tsundere lead female ;)
report Recommended by xdivinityx
The female main characters have very similar personalities/qualities: Hard working, looked up to, independent, and very much in denial of love feelings towards male main character (tsundere). The humor is great in both mangas and the setting for both is high school. However, Namaikizakari is more sport orientated.
report Recommended by HondoGai
Both of these are romance mangas. The female leads are quite similar to each other. They deny that they are in love and will have an cold heart expression on the face all the time. And the male leads are also similar, they confess their love to them and being super straight forward. And even if they get shoot down they won't stop. They always have this "cool" face on. So if you liked one of these your guaranteed to like the other one.
report Recommended by Jicetus
Well, we have the same kind of character both in Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! and Namaikizakari. Both Usui Takumi ( Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! ) and Shou Naruse ( Namaikizakari ) is trying so hard to make Misaki Ayuzawa ( Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! ) and Yuki Machida ( Namaikizakari ) saying that they ( Misaki Ayuzawa and Yuki Machida ) are faliing in love with them ( Usui Takumi and Shou Naruse ). Both 2 protagonists also have the same characteristic. Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! and Namaikizakari also give you some romance story in a school life. With the difference background, these manga gives us 2 female protagonist   read more
report Recommended by Lyrainnee
Both have a strong-willed female lead. Both of the male leads are always teasing the female lead and in the end, the female lead falls in love with him.
report Recommended by shirayukihime714
Both have similar male lead who gives the feeling that cold but cute sense. Both teasing the female lead that both female lead don't know if their love is true or a joke. They are similar in many ways so if you enjoy when reading either one you will enjoy the other while reading.
report Recommended by Pie
Both manga feature a somewhat unlikely romance between hard-working teen girls and hot idol guys who love teasing them. Both girls want to keep the inevitable romances a secret and struggle to deal with how this will affect their social position (as in, getting hated for dating a guy "above" them, etc.). Both are also very funny and have lots of heartwarming moments and cute romance.
report Recommended by YingZhe
If you like KWMS you'll might like Namaikizakari. Naruse = Usui - Both are handsome, annoying, flirty, cute and strong guys who is falling love with the main character. They both are like girl magnets. Naruse loves to tease Yuki senpai. Yuki = Misaki - Both are strong female leaders, Misaki is the school president and Yuki are manager for the baseball team. They both are called ''the demon'' and are very cold. Everything needs to be perfect and she never show her week side, and the only who can see trough her is Naruse. They are sooooo similar, you'll love Namaikizakari, trust me! *-* (fangirling)
report Recommended by nikkki
The tsundere feeling is similar.
report Recommended by whitehana