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Both are made by the same mangaka and have interesting fights, and story lines.
report Recommended by Damonashu
Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter are both by Yoshihiro Togashi. The two series also have a decent amount in common as well. Parts of the Genkai's Successor arc were revamped for the Hunter Exam arc and lots of character designs from YYH were revamped for new characters in HxH. The big difference though is that while Yu Yu Hakusho is primarily just a typical battle manga, Hunter x Hunter is a deconstruction of battle manga.
report Recommended by Rica_Patin
Mazing fights, funny fights, friends with their own goals.
These two stories share many connections and the biggest connection is the friendship of Gon with Killua and Yuusuke with Hihei. Killua and Hiei have very shady personalities and share a similar rough backgrounds, but they evolve to nice friends.
report Recommended by shinomonogatari
Well, first of all, English is not my mother language so maybe I can't express exactly what I want to say.

I think if you liked Yu Yu Hakusho you will LOVE Hunter x Hunter. Both mangas are of same author, Yoshihiro Togashi, so obviously the draw style and the jokes style will be similar but, moreover, there are other big similarities between these mangas. Both mangas starts as a classical adventure shonen, but when the story advances you can see it is darker than you thought, specially in Hunter x Hunter. Both mangas are really unpredictable, not following the scheme of the typical   read more
report Recommended by shizaman
Os dois são do mesmo autor, e são muito divertidos de ler! O traço também é legal:)
report Recommended by Yumi-nee