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Similar in that they both deal with monsters from other dimensions. Alot of action and great animation [drawing] The main character is also one that is "special" which separates him from the rest of the characters.
report Recommended by lovelove
The main characters are always optimistic, aren't considered human, and have both made a contract of somesort with somebody.
report Recommended by AuroraStar
Pandora Hearts and D.Gray-Man have stories that are focused around a group of people protecting the earth, or the people they love, from dark monsters that reek havoc on the world. There's also a lot of similarities between characters: Break (PH) with Lavi (DGM) and Oz (PH) with Allen (DGM) being the biggest similarities that I can make.
report Recommended by FourEyedPandora
-Both main characters are boys and have traveling companions. -Both battle agains strange creatures for P.H. it's Chains for D. Gray-Man it's Akuma. -Oz has Jack just as Allen has 14th. -Both kids have special weapons they use to defeat there respective creatures. -Both boys are about the same age. -I'm pretty sure both have some messing with time but my theory of that hasn't been proven with D. Gray-Man.
report Recommended by ScarletCat
Now if you've actually read D.Gray-man/Pandora Hearts (not just watched the sub-par adaptations), they're both really good manga with good plots and such. Pandora Hearts is similar to D.Gray-man because they both can be light hearted and fun then switch in a matter of one page to dark and violent. Both are extremely well-written, especially, with the plot-twists that leave you wondering- you don't have a clue what will happen. I think that Allen (D.Gray-man) and Oz (Pandora Hearts) have a lot of things in common. They both have the same "feel" to them. Also, they both are underrated and quickly   read more
report Recommended by EldritchScream
Both stories start with fragments of the past of the main characters and the story itself. They also hint a lot a things that'll happen in the future, some you only notice after reading them for a second time. In the beginning there are lot of short stories with non-important characters but the development of these stories will make difference as the story goes. Both main characters, Allen and Oz (and Alice, in Pandora Hearts) don't know who they really are, and during the story they'll start discovering about their past and about their true self. Both stories are also full of plot twists, action, deaths   read more
report Recommended by ren6
D. Gray-man and Pandora hearts are very similar. They are both dark and light-hearted, though Pandora might feel lighter for more of each chapter than D. Gray-man. Pandora Hearts's plot line is also intricately woven with mysteries and secrets that you'll want to read more to find out. These are both extremely good stories if you love mysteries and interesting plots.
report Recommended by Mangalover0