D.Gray-man, Ao no Exorcist Recommendations

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Ao no Exorcist
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Ao no Exorcist
Rin and Allen are both exorcists and both of them are "cursed" in some way. Both have demon traits and both of them have really awesome powers!
report Recommended by GothicShadow22
Both manga have demons and exorcist. Millenium Earl and Mephisto are so alike. Both characters are "different". Both main characters have connection with powerful demons. In both manga exorcists use katanas,guns..etc. to kill demons. In both manga exorcists are categorical. And both manga are suge !
report Recommended by -Hysteria-
Both have lots of exorcists both have hidden demons that cannot usually be seen and both main characters have "questionable" fathers.
report Recommended by Shiundragon
Both have Demons, exorcists, cute and nice looking characters + different good stories :) If you like one, you'll definitely like another.
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Both about exorcist fighting demons. The main character is in a way related to them (in Ao no Exorcist he is the son of one and in D.Gray Man he was cursed). Both have a huge religious and slightly gothic background, involving the Vatican, priests...
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
D.Gray-man is another exorcist manga with similar ideas. For one both protagonists have obtained powers that they didn't wish for and both end up dedicating themselves to organisations in order to fight demons/akuma.
report Recommended by azeriraz
Ao no Exorcist and D.Gray Man appeals to fantasy themes that involves monsters and demons. There are also organizations that are formed to fight them and the main protagonists are a part of those. Both series's storytelling also shares a lot of connections with the past. The main antagonist in both series also has a dark history that influences many of the events in the present story. Thus, expect plenty of action and plot twists. In addition, it's important to understand certain character relationships and their developments as the story progresses for both series.
report Recommended by Stark700
-Similar themes aka group of teens in special school/society fighting various evil entities (spirits, demons, humans, etc.) all with special powers. -Both typical shounen but both are a little bit more mature than expected tropes, can be considered borderline seinen IMO which is nice. -Special protagonist, really good equal character development, different but distinct character models. -Mainly focused on story telling elements. -Very little cheap fan service gimmicks, Exorcist has some mild nudity but not really perverted, especially in comparison with several other manga abundance within the genre.. -Verbose with lore and story progression can be a little slow.
report Recommended by anonypc
Exorcist,primary goal of protagonist,challenges,enemies,obstacles and friendship.
report Recommended by santicres
Spunky and powerful exorcists, who are a bit more in touch with their emotions than other shounen protagonists. Plus, both authors chug that respect women juice daily since they're both, you know, women. None of the female characters get the short end of the fan-service stick (usually).
report Recommended by Arquebun