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Akatsuki no Yona
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Song of the Long March
Two stories about young women taking the reigns of their destinies and forging their own paths. Amusingly both series characters are prophesied in one way or another to bring great upheaval to their respective countries. Both have strong brave women that were betrayed by their loved ones, both will go on a journey that will eventually have them meet up with the allies they need and both gain massive character development as the story goes one learning to be more compassionate and thoughtful. That said the heroines and the stories are polar opposites of each other. Song's heroine is a wise and cunning strategist as   read more
report Recommended by clannadlover
Both series are very similar in that they both focus on a princess, outcast from her home after the assassination of their families'. The differences mainly lie in that "Song of the Long March" is darker and more focused on revenge, and the cultural differences.
report Recommended by CrazyLasagna
THIS IS WAY BETTER THEN YONA. The artwork is absolutely stunning and the characters are all so lovable. The plot is very interesting to follow and the main character is smart, beautiful, unique and brave.
report Recommended by BuniSushi
2 Princesses must flee and hide after a coup. These maidens have strong character with some weaknesses and doubts sometimes. It all takes place in historical settings : Old china for the Song of the long march and an imaginery old country for Akatsuki no yona (swords, spears and bows are the main weapons). Geopolitics is a critical issue for our two heroines, who deeply care about their country. Another similarity is the beautiful art. Differences : you'll find no fantasy element in Song of the long march, the approach is pretty realistic and related to China's history. Princess Chang Ge Li (Song of the long march) is extremly   read more
report Recommended by Ysad_Ziwezhan
Both are strong & brave princesses that were betrayed by their loved ones. Both female leads are princesses that got chased out from the palace. But Unlike Yona, Li Chan Ge is intelligent, wise and way more competent in combat.
report Recommended by Akihisa
Both stories have strong female characters going through events that put them in a position to fight for their own destiny. The art of Xia Da in Song of the Long March is incredible, it is both delicate and fierce.The story is denser than Akatsuki no Yona, in both the narrative and the character development.
report Recommended by MFCORR