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both are about energetic elementary girls. the story and characters are very similar.
report Recommended by Ai-Haibara
Both manga have a main girl character who is energetic and funny. They also both feature a trouble making boy in the class who initially hates the main girl. They both revolve around school and have their comedy along with dramatic moments.
report Recommended by Mauru23
as i read the first few chapter of GA, it does resembles Kodocha in some ways except for the ALice or powers of course, the main Guy on both series have this absurd & cold personality & loves to tease the main heroine at first, but later, the main heroine is the one who becomes the reason why they change for good. && also its kinda cute to see a kid's pure LOVE <3 isn't it? :)
report Recommended by chie_shou13
Expect a nice blend of comedy, drama, and romance from these two stories. Character-wise: The main characters are quite similar--> Both girls first did not like the trouble-making guy (basically because they could control their monkey classroom with just a cold demeanor), so they stand up and eventually try to bring happiness to them. These guys start falling in love with her compassion and doing what they can to protect her. (Moreso for Kodomo than Gakuen Alice, probably because G.A. focuses on more supporting characters) A wonderful girl with a blossoming young love from a boy in the class... Smell the moe-flowers blooming in the air, right? WRONG. Not   read more
report Recommended by HippieRox
The main characters are really similar Mikan and Sana Akito and Nastume Ruca and Tsunayoshi (sorta) and then they have a bunch of crazy classmates also there is more than meets the eye for both of the mangas and they interestingly develop as it goes on I LOVE BOTH OF THEM
report Recommended by luckystar1213
the mangas are just sooo similar.. Sana/Mikan-The cheerfulness, both dont have real parents,both helped a boy,then fall in love in the boy... Akito/Natsume-both of them were bad in the beginning,because of their pasts,but they were healed from a girls,then fall in love Luka/Nao-well nao is not akitos best friend like luka and natsume,but they both give up on their love for the other boys and always support the girls Iinchou/tsuyoshi-err..the glasses xD, i don't know but they are really similar etc etc all the romance,comedy,drama,tears everything is so similar and awesome I fell inlove in both mangas
report Recommended by Hopu
The main girls are almost exactly the same, except one has magic powers and the other one has acting skills. Natsume and Akito are both cold with dark pasts but get influenced by the main girl, and fall in love with her. Akito shows more feeling than Natsume does, but both are about as sweet on the inside. Both series start off in the same way, with a girl who is in a rowdy class but then she challenges the leader and defeats him. The girl starts off with a really bad impression of him, but that changes when she learns more about him. Both have love   read more
report Recommended by MeNaK
"Middleschool" setting. An over the top female MC and an seemingly laid back male MC with a crushing backstory, who has a tendancy to bully the female MC (but can be very caring and supporting when needed). Hate turned to love relationship. Lighthearted series with a dark touch. (Comedy, Shoujo, School, Romance, Drama)
report Recommended by Shibuya_Akira
Both main characters have PIGTAILS. (but the hairstyle changes XD) Both female and male main characters have EXTREMELY similar personalities. Both started off fluffy but gets dark later on. Both have romance, although, Kodomo no Omocha focuses, just a tiny bit more, on romance than with Gakuen Alice. AND BOTH ARE AMAZING.
report Recommended by LezTVN
Both shows have similar character archetypes as main protagonists. Similar interactions and have love triangles as well.
report Recommended by Just_Ariana
Both are touching yet funny shoujo manga with a strong female lead, who never gives up no matter what.
report Recommended by Nagatotoro