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Both feature expressionless composed girl obsessed in studying (and wears braids/pigtails), the difference is that Last Game is Tonari´s version "Shizuku x Yamaken route" since the protagonist of LG greatly resembles Yamaken in personality and looks from Tonari. Also in LG the setting changes to university (later).
report Recommended by Orulyon
The heroines in both Toanri no Kaibutsu-kun and Last Game only care about one thing. Studying. They have no friends, all their life is about studying and getting good grades and they have absolutely love experience until one day, their very first friends made them aware of their feelings and the very first love.
report Recommended by ItsACakeNyaa
When reading these two manga, I couldn't help but notice some of the similarities. First of both manga series, there is a main female protagonist who is very intelligent in academics. Then, there's the guy at school who meets her and they have an awkward relationship. From that relationship, there is comedy, drama, and a little romance between the duo. Both manga series takes place at school and is generally lighthearted without too much emotions. Both manga also has a slice of life feeling where everyday presents a new challenge and way to spent life.
report Recommended by Stark700
Last Game is kind of like if Shizuku ended up with a cross of Haru and Yamaken. The characters are very similar, even in how they look. Mikoto and Shizuku both are incredibly smart, and used to coming in first place in school. Hisato is more similar to Yamaken in that he is rich and used to girls coming after him, and his attitude towards the main girl. He's more similar to Haru in terms of possessiveness and innocence. The guy falls in love with the girl first in both cases.
report Recommended by MeNaK
Tonari really reminds me of Last Game. First of all the main female protagonists are really alike. Both two tails, both are only thinking about their future and both really get the best scores! The boys aren't that much alike, but they fall in love with the girls first. And a love story develops. They are both really cute shoujo's allthough Tonari is really a mix between Beast Master & Last Game. They are all lovely to read!
report Recommended by xWendyx
While reading Tonari no Kaibutsu kun I realised that the female protagonist is the same as Last Game. Their personalities aswell, the fact that they're both focused on studying. Also they're pretty clueless with romance. The storyline is simliar aswell, the male and female protagonist are mutually understanding. The setting aswell, both set in high school. Althought the male Isn't a delinquent like in tonari but it gives the same vibe. Enjoy reading ^^
report Recommended by Ninski
Both have girls who are focused on study. Also involves guys who are aiming for the girls. School life is involved and romance.
report Recommended by gardenofwords
Both stories have a female lead with similar hairstyles (one having twintails and the other with twin braids) and they have an obsession over studying.
report Recommended by shiho_miyano
Both main couples take a long time to finally create a stable relationship. In other words, both have a complexed slow romance. Also, the female leads are hard to deal with; since they're strongly focused on their studies and conducts, they have a cold character and are quite clueless when it comes to deal with their feelings.
report Recommended by yabokuz
I can't believe I didn't read Last Game sooner, considering it comes so highly recommended for my favorite manga, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. As mentioned in previous recommendations, the heroines strongly resemble each other in their studiousness, "plain" appearances, and new experiences with friendship and love. It's also fun to see two different relationships explored, since the primary relationship in Last Game is a failed side-relationship in TnK. Last Game is a little bit more stereotypical shoujo than TnK, which is more of a shoujo satire (at least at the beginning). Towards the end of both series, they lose some of their humor and   read more
report Recommended by jcrayz