07-Ghost, Pandora Hearts Recommendations

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Pandora Hearts
Both the characters are warped, considered keys of somesort to help reach their goals/others goals, are protected/in a similiar situation with a sort of contractor, and have dark pastses.
report Recommended by AuroraStar
Complex fantasy mysteries set in well-crafted worlds. Great art, leaning toward the gothic. Action. Amnesia. Bishounen. Dangerous friendships. And a healthy mix of comedy and tragedy.
report Recommended by IceAndCream
Both mangas create a rather suspenseful atmosphere with random comedy brought in everywhere. They all have strong friendship bonds and have many situations which urge you to read on.
...Personally I just think these two genres fit well with each other since all of my friends which read Pandora Hearts enjoyed 07 Ghost (real reason)
Also both characters become involved with their past which gradually builds the lead of the story. Teito is fighting to regain his memories and Oz and Alice receive shock and confusion from their memories...in a way....
In any case 07 Ghost is highly recommended.
report Recommended by Skyeeray
Both 07-Ghost and Pandora Hearts have the same feeling when you first read it. The main chara Oz Vessalius and Teito Klein has become the target of the antagonist chara.
And both of the main chara "searching for the truth behind the past memories".
Somehow the art is look similar. Read it!
report Recommended by Saichi_KaSaHa