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Mixes humour with fantastical action-adventure storyline. Unlike a lot of shounen, not every character is a teenager; you have a mix of ages and backgrounds (so again, not everyone is at school or some form of ninja school...) which adds a richness to the setting and a feeling that it's more than just generic wish-fulfilment crap like Bleach and Naruto.
report Recommended by Teclo
As shown in the cross-over between these series, almost all the main characters deal some similarities, so do the villians, the major fights and most of the dialogue's and characteristics of people in the series. The storyline and the art are the things that are the things that are different for the most part, but for the rest, they are pretty similar.
report Recommended by Ilyaoh
They have almost the same huge pack of originalty, adventure, emotion, epicness and an uniquie style that makes One Piece the successor of the best anime/manga title. One Piece is destined to be as famous as Dragon Ball if it ever gets a decent dub.
report Recommended by MDmareep
One Piece is commonly accepted as being the Dragon Ball of the modern day. Both series start out as lighthearted adventures but then get into some serious battles with a lot at stake. The main characters are similar and both series take place in unique and developed universes.
report Recommended by SuperTiencha
Extremely long, highly popular battle shounen series that tells of a tale of epic adventure of our protagonists, Luffy and Goku. There are a lot of action scenes, as well as featuring heart-warming moments of friendship and family.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
The protagonist of the series are pretty similliar. Both show the value of friendship Dragon Ball is the favorite manga of One Piece Author,and it was the one that inspired him to be a mangaka
report Recommended by riqueterremoto
The story of One Piece is stronlgy influenced by Dragon Ball. Both have a strong, but silly main character, both are about friendship and strong will. If you liked the one, you'll most likely like the other as well.
report Recommended by FirePokemon