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The main character Gon and Luffy are very similar. They'd do anything for their friends and they arn't the smartest people in the world. Also they are both searching for something.
report Recommended by RandomAzn
An adventurous tale about a cast of characters. Hunter x Hunter and One Piece have wonderful creativity when it comes to its settings, story, and development. There is depth in the characters with the relationships they develop. Background stories are cleverly depicted and conveys what a classic adventure series should be.
report Recommended by Stark700
( Sorry english isn't my first language (; 3 ;) ) The Creativity and imagination of both manga are really awesome, - Both have amazing adventure story - Both have their own concept of world - The main character of both manga are really similiar (Gon & Luffy) - The friendship between both main character and their friend - The amazing action scene If you like one, you must like another....
report Recommended by WindChange
This starts off rather slow and boring but get's better as you go through it. It's very creative and original and has all sort of great and individual characters that you will like. It has just as much adventure and action as one piece or Fairy Tail. Thogh it may be a little different, it's still worth checking out. Though it goes on hiatus every so often, it's still worth reading and keeping up with. It was successful in it's prime a good decade ago and is still going strong.
report Recommended by 5HAD0WFREAK
The main characters may not be the smartest people on earth, but that makes these series very funny to read. Apart from that they both contain a lot a action, epic battle scenes and very original and exciting powers. Both of the main characters have a strong determination to reach their goals.
report Recommended by Darkbow
Main leads have very similar traits and personalities and they are both very good shows
report Recommended by visual-spectrum
Both Gon and Luffy are funny, not so smart and naturally strong. They are in search for something and they would do anything for their friends. Both series have an amazing protagonists and antagonists.
report Recommended by AdorableGoblin
Gon and luffy would both do everything for their friends and they are also both searching for something.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
- One Piece and Hunter x Hunter, both are Adventure-Fantasy series. - Both of them have a good storyline and characters. - Luffy (One Piece) and Gon (HxH) are more or less, similar to each other. - One Piece has a lot of comedy, but HxH doesn't have much. - HxH has more darker themes compared to One Piece.
report Recommended by -Don-
modern Masterpiece
report Recommended by mdshies