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High school team sport mangas. Not only do the two main characters have a similar relationship, there are many similarities to be seen in side characters too (e.g. the split personality captain, kind giant, popular-with-the-ladies rival...). Apart from that they have the same atmosphere to them and recurring themes i.e. improving teamwork, meeting opponents that used to be teammates in middle school...
report Recommended by flyingpardin
Both are sports themed titles, with one being basketball and the other volleyball. In reading HKyuu I can see some of Kuroko in the main characters. In Kuroko, you have the Kuroko/Kagami pair who act as best friends slash rivals on and off the court. Kuroko helps Tetsuya and vice versa. In HKyuu, there's the Hinata/Kageyama pair who fit the exact same role on the team; Kageyama being Kuroko and Hinata being Tetsuya.
report Recommended by vxnderground
Sports manga released on Weekly Shounen Jump. There are a pair of players in both, one with a extremely high level technique for passes and another one with pure raw power.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu!! are sports theme manga that involves competition, sportsmanship, and teams striving to become the best. The main characters from both series have friendship and rivalries with similar relationships. There's also many humorous moments during various game competitions. In some ways, the main characters also has similar personalities as they form a team based on teamwork and respect.
report Recommended by Stark700
Very strong similarities with these 2 manga. 1. It is a sport manga. Also, the schools which the manga's are based on were teams that were strong but not exceptionally overpowering the previous year but receive talented first years that have the potential to take their teams to the top. 2. The main and supporting characters are fairly similar. The 2 main characters in each of the manga's bring out the best in each other. Generally, one of the main characters uses their talent to support the other main character. The supporting characters are similar in a sense that they each have strong recognizable unique personalities. They also   read more
report Recommended by ace_archie
Both are sports manga with the two main characters having the strongest combination. Hinata from haikyuu!! is just like kagami from kuroko, with his amazing jumping ability. Kageyama can be likened to kuroku with his perfect skill at passing and maximizing their partners' talents. Both mangas are amazing.
report Recommended by cabuyo
The main characters have similarities, especially in their relationship to each other and others. Also, the art is really great and the mangakas catch the passion for matches in a similar way. They're both aiming for the top.
report Recommended by 1795cm
Both about sports, passion, deep friendship, guts and drive to achieve anything.
report Recommended by ZoyenceAbigail
Both are sport themed manga set in highschool. But while Haikyuu is more realistic, Kuroko no Basket has a supernatural aspect to it.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125