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If you've finished Naruto and caught up with Boruto, but still want more Naruto-like action, Black Clover is pretty much the perfect recommendation. Both characters are loud, wear headbands, and seek to be similar equivalents in their world - Naruto, a ninja lord, and Asta, the mage king. The biggest difference is that Black Clover, admittedly, does take some inspirations from a few other popular franchises, but the bits it took from Naruto are perhaps a bit more blatant.
report Recommended by Eksevis
Both stories have a protagonist with no talent but immense raw power. Both protagonists have unbelievably high goals, and lastly both protagonists seem to be hosts to mysterious demonic creatures. They're both fun reads.
report Recommended by kapppirocks
Black Clover isn’t very popular right now, which is understandable since it came out not too long ago, but people are already drawing comparisons to Naruto and saying that it’s just a rip off. Being a Naruto fan myself I wanted to check it out. These are the 5 comparisons to Naruto I have found throughout the series. 1. The Emperor Magus / Hokage: This is probably the most obvious one. Like Naruto, Aster (the main character) wants to be the head honcho. 2. Mage vs Demon / The 4th vs The Ninetails: In Naruto the 4th Hokage fights a gigantic fox with 9 tails that tries to   read more
report Recommended by Shyba
-Naruto passes the Shounen torch to new manga BLACK CLOVER is the next great series that would be as big as naruto. -Similarities : -1. The Emperor Magus / Hokage: This is probably the most obvious one. Like Naruto, Asta (the main character) wants to be the head honcho. The Big Cheese. The Guy. Mr. Boss Man himself. The guy who is simultaneously ‘large’ and ‘in charge’. That much is the same, however, Asta and Naruto want the position for different reasons. Naruto was shunned by everyone as a child so naturally he wanted attention and what better way to get attention than to become the   read more
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Asta from Black Clover is essentially black Naruto with a similar goal and a black haired rival who is his superior when it comes to fighting.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both Naruto and black clover is very similar. -Both Naruto and asta starts as weak. -Both has rival (Yuna and sasuke) -Both don't know about there parents at start and is raised by someone else. - Similar catchphrase." I will became the hokage", " I will became the Magic king". -Both are Superpower genre -Both has hidden Power ( Demonic). -Both of them shout way too much. -Both are happy-go-lucky. -Both are super obsessed with their goals. -Both are got rejected by the girl they like (only at beginning though) Sakura and sister lily. -Never give up vibe. Etc.
report Recommended by Saburiminaru