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I have felt like Boku no Hero Academia is the Spiritual successor to Naruto in Jump for a while now. While these series feel very different (imo) they do share some striking similarities. The main protagonist from each series Naruto (Naruto) and Midoriya (BnHA) share a weakling persona in the world that they live in. They also share a dream reaching the top of their respective societies (Hokage for Naruto and #1 Hero for Mirdoriy). Each protagonist is also paired with a much more gifted and talented rival. The setting are very different but both series revolve around students gaining the proper training, experience,   read more
report Recommended by logic340
Similar events. Connection between Izuku and All Might reminds me a lot of connection between Rock Lee and Might Guy as well as their personalities and even powers. This manga is full of such parallels. If you miss Naruto then you'll probably find your savior in Boku no Hero Academia.
report Recommended by NoBleachNoLife
Boku no Hero Academia have the potential to become the next Naruto. Both begin with a useless kid that is unable to use the powers that the other kids can and got bullied for that, but with effort and a bit of luck he finally gets into the school in which he will train his powers to fulfill his dream.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
Taking places in fictional universes, Naruto and Boku no Hero Academia has a diverse range of characters. The main male protagonist tries to build his reputation and become someone important in their world. And with his efforts, he unlocks new abilities during his journey. Both series also adapts shounen style battles that are part of story arcs. These story arcs involves conflicts, supernatural plot elements, and character building for the cast.
report Recommended by Stark700
Did you ever feel useless? Ever felt like you are the only one that is not stron enough to defend himself? Well both of the main characters of these series know how you feel. They aren't very strong but are willing to do anything in order to become stronger. Both of them also have a friend that they like, but this friend is very jalous and hates the main character. These two manga feature some of the most epic powers and characters I have ever seen. If you like action stories, then you should read these manga.
report Recommended by Darkbow
Beyond the concept of a diverse cast of characters fighting their way through a special fighting school, and a main character who wants to be the greatest that ever lived in the history everything, Deku is LITERALLY Rock Lee - Goofy-looking childhood failures, talentless but highly ambitious and brave kids who are then spotted by an all powerful over-enthusiastic master who sees greatness in them that no one else does, before taking them under their wing and forming the apprentice's powers under the master's own. And so greatness begins to blossom. There is even a tournament arc in which he fights while using a highly   read more
report Recommended by Vinum_Sabbathi
Boku no Hero Academica is a new Naruto, both have two main character from zero to hero. They have their own rival who initially are stronger than them. Not to mention each character have their unique ability (quirk for Hero, jutsu for Naruto) and live in the academy too.
report Recommended by HiatusXHiatus
The mangaka of MHA has gone on record to say that Naruto is his favorite shonen manga and that it was his childhood. There are similarities between the rivalry of Bakugou and Izuku, and Naruto and Sasuke. They used to be friends as kids and now they are rivals, although Bakugou is a lot more violent and hot headed than Sasuke. The hero Eraser Head is very similar to Kakashi is the sense that he hides his power and is very calm, while also very powerful. Izuku and Naruto are very different characters, Izuku is smart and wimpy at the beginning while Naruto is loud and is the   read more
report Recommended by NearSky
In both mangas the main character wants to be a hero. In Naruto, he wants to be a hero for the village and someone everybody will recognize (hokage), while in BNHA, he also wants to be recognized, and be a hero that could save and protect anyone Anyways, BNHA started pretty much as Naruto did: a character appearing very weak, but also keeping a very strong power inside, which in the future will help a lot of people and made they accomplish their dreams
report Recommended by ren6
In both manga the MC is an underdog who gets bullied at first, but over time he gets stronger and finds friends. There is a strong emphasis on friendship and acceptance in both series and on top of that some of the characters are very similar (e.g. Kakashi & Eraserhead, Might Guy & All Might, Rin & Ochako etc...)
report Recommended by AshitaNoJonas
In Boku no Herco Academia, a young boy without any talent want to be the #1 Hero. This does call you anything? Yeah, a litte boy who want become Hokage !
report Recommended by Vindsval
The story of a hero from zero to a hero with a shounen theme. MC is noisy. Both have a long adventure story for you to enjoy.
report Recommended by pii_vier
Same Ultimate goal , same Shounen codes , Naruto is still better than MHA . Mha is very good tho, if you liked one , you should like the other one. Classic
report Recommended by ItachiDxD
The most similar thing about these two manga are it's protagonists, Deku is almost like a Naruto in a more modern setting. The two care very much about their friends and would do everything to save them, and also have grand ambitions which they strive to fulfill.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125