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666 Satan
Made by two twins these mangas are similar in both ways. Firstly they deal with some fantasy worlds created by their authors, secondly main characters in those mangas has some evil creatures bounded with the main hero, thirdly almost the same time skip usage... And many others, not to mention similar art style and the fact that they're both shounen.
report Recommended by Iahel
This is by Masashi's younger brother and about a boy who is possessed by Satan himself, as it brings him trouble throughout his life. This series is action-packed and fun for anyone over 13!
report Recommended by VioletRebellion
Written by twin brother of the guy who made Naruto. Both have main characters with a demon inside and both have gangs/organizations trying to capture the demons.
report Recommended by powjaynil
It's similar is that they both have the main character containing a monster in them, which they learn to semi-control for their own benefit. It does differ from naruto tho, although I still prefer it too naruto as many would agree :D
report Recommended by serialkeller
The manga is written by the twinbrother of the author of Naruto. The style is a bit the same and both stories are about a child with a monster living in their bodies. Both very good, too!
report Recommended by BorisSoad
Naruto and 666 Satan are very similar. Both the art style, and the adventures that the main characters go on, as well as the special abilities they possess, make the protagonists of both manga very similar, as well as captivating. In addition, both have suffered from a difficult past, but currently hold a positive outlook on life as they both aim for their goals and dreams. Both are very entertaining, and if you like one, you almost defiantly will like the other. =) Side Note: The similarities between them may be because the authors of these two manga's are twins. XP
report Recommended by xsilentxninjax
-VERY familiar settings, just another background. -Never-give-up-nature. -Similar fights, attack upgrades and etcetera. It's different from naruto concerning the fact, that it's finished.
report Recommended by Dynamix
The protagonist is a lonely kid bullied by people who choose a stupid dream to follow to become stronger and make people praise them. The artwork is similar, as it is obvious since the mangakas are twin brothers.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
Both main characters have been born with powers from Evil that they will have to master in order to save the World from destruction and avoid their friends to get hurt by that same power.
report Recommended by Saburiminaru