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Ryushika Ryushika
Like Ryushika Ryushika, Yotsuba stars an eccentric little girl and the short stories in it is about her strange thoughts and adventures.
report Recommended by Northlander
Similar radical-thinking female protagonist, plot development, and 4koma style
report Recommended by titaniachkt
If you're a fan of Yotsubato you should definitely definitely read Ryushika Ryushika, the same type of comedy and an adorable main character who is discovering the world.
report Recommended by God-Mars
little girls who like to discover the world everyday by their ways, Yotsuba&! is a bit funnier. Ryuushika Ryuushika has a great art, and fully colored If you wanted to read Youtsuba@! by Abe, Yoshitoshi's way, I recommend you Ryuushika Ryuushika
report Recommended by As3d
About a little girl who always wants to know about everything and discover new things around her, in her daily life. She mostly interacts with her family and neighbour (but in Yotsuba&! she also interacts with her father's friends). Both manga are full are comedy.
report Recommended by marna
Yotsuba&! and Ryuushika Ryuushika follow the every day adventures of two sweet, imaginative girls, that look at their surroundings in a new light. They are appealing with their clever, witty dialogue that put a spin on the lifes everyday occurrences.
report Recommended by Jodyqt
Both series revolve around the daily thoughts and activities of a young girl and her family/friends. Often providing an innocent, humorous, yet interesting take on things people may take for granted, such as weather, foods, animals, and more.
report Recommended by Wotuwa
This manga centers around a young girl, Ryushika, and her family and the daily shenanigans she gets up to because of her extensive and colorful imagination, just like Yotsuba. It's a sweet slice of life with comedic elements to it but focuses mainly on Ryushika and her siblings, instead of a parents (though they appear in the story too).
report Recommended by pupstar