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the main characters are very similar. they both are orphans and they both are invited into a family. they are both cheerful and kind. the plots are sort of similar. there is romance
report Recommended by TeARsFade
Both Tohru and Shiharu are orphans whose mothers died. They both keep cheerful personalities despite occasional feelings of melancholy. Also they each have new families that welcome them as they become more important to those around them.
report Recommended by BadAppleWhite
Although the stories and plots are very different, the natures of the main characters in Love So Life and Fruits Baskets are quite similar. They both are orphaned teenage girls who's fathers died before birth or very early in life and whose mothers died later in their lives. However, their mothers' kindness during those short times influence both girls strongly. They are both incredibly kind and compassionate by nature, often acting in maternal roles towards other individuals. Both girls try their hardest to remain strong in front of others despite their troubles as orphans.
report Recommended by Overachievious
Fruits Basket and Love So Life shares a similar feeling when it comes to values relating to family. There are a lot of issues explored in both series involving the main characters. The main female protagonist are orphans who takes on guardianship of others through their kindness. This has influence as the characters they interact with sees who they are as a person. Both series has a gentle degree of comedy but also at times complicated drama. Fruits Basket has additional elements of fantasy while Love So Life possesses a great amount of realism. Recommended for fans of shoujo.
report Recommended by Stark700
The main girls are very similar characters who are orphans, and they don't remember their father, but they remember and miss their mother. Both girls fit into another family and everyone finds them helpful, even though they are kind of ditzy. Both girls try to smile all the time so that they don't trouble others.
report Recommended by MeNaK
The heroines are very similar. (Even their situations are very alike). Both manga are very cute and funny.
report Recommended by lavender_cello