Monster, Death Note Recommendations

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Death Note
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Death Note
Both have the similar, eerie themes of being chased for taking actions that the antagonist party views as correct.
report Recommended by 011253
The series take opposite perspectives (Death Note has a villain protagonist, Monster a villain antagonist) in a reverse whodunit scenario, where the reader knows all along who the villain is and watches as the (comparatively) heroic figure has to piece together evidence and catch him.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
These two are often compared together, and that's no surprise - they are both psychological thrillers that provoke discussions of morals and ethics, nature versus nurture, and life and death. Death Note deals primarily with the issue of justice and who has the divine right to take a life; Monster questions the equality of lives and what it means to save lives, whether they deserve it or not. With two main protagonists, Tenma Kenzo and Yagami Light, working non-stop to find their enemies, Johan Liebert and Detective L, the clock ticks on with a cat-and-mouse game, as various characters find their fates intertwined with that   read more
report Recommended by Garowyn
It has the same dark atmosphere and some of the guys who are in this manga just could be in Deathnote! Although they have weirder noses :P
report Recommended by BorisSoad
Both amzing thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you have completed them.
report Recommended by Kikiko
Monster and Death Note both have the same feeling to them. They both are an absolute thrill ride, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.
report Recommended by MyNameSucks
Pure evil... That's what you are going to find in both of these series? At first you think that certain characters are just pure evil, but somewhere deep in yourself you can understand why they do what they do. These manga will be a deep ride to uncover what evil is. In both of the manga there are people who are trying to stop the main character from doing what he is doing. But he is trying to do the right thing. Or is he? Discover it for youself! Read both of these manga. They will leave you breathless, I can promise that
report Recommended by Darkbow
Monster, just like Death Note, is a thriller about a man pursuing a serial killer, and both villains (Johan Liebert and Yagami Light) are straight-up geniuses. The point of view is different - one is from the hero and the other from the villain. But both make a good work talking about ethics and morality.
report Recommended by NosyMuggle
Monster and Death Note alike follow a "battle" of sorts between two brilliant minds, but where Death Note falls short midway through the series, Monster just continues to get better and better. If you liked Death Note, Monster is essentially a seinen, more fleshed out version of it. If you liked Monster, you'll like the first half of Death Note.
report Recommended by catullus_d_rus
Both have people trying to track down psychopathic killers because they feel obligated to. Many dramatic moments and plot revelations in both.
report Recommended by SteamedPlague
These two manga are both psychological thriller with very unique villains, and their take on morality and justice is also very interesting.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Despite being nothing alike, both follow the investigation of a genius serial killer from different standpoints, both the detective's and the killer's on the latter and only the detective's and that of those implied on the first one. Both are a must-read for the fans of the detective/police genre.
report Recommended by Angyat