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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
Koe no Katachi
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Koe no Katachi
Group of friends torn apart by some event that happens in their childhood. Both story are focus around the female lead that was unintentionally responsible for these events and follows the characters in their journey to fixing the relationship of the group
report Recommended by kiimsz
Koe no Katachi and AnoHana share similar character traits and senarios. Each series revolves around a group of 'friends' who have cut ties since childhood and brings them together again. These two series also have similar main characters, male lead with a serious disconnect from the real world and a tragic female lead. You get a similar feeling while watching both these series, they're very emotional and dramatic. If you have seen one I would highly recommend checking out the other for a similar story and emotional expierence.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
I got very strong AnoHana vibes when watching Koe no Katachi. Both shows deal with a group of childhood friends who become distant after some incidents in the past, and how they restore their friendship when they meet again in the future.
report Recommended by Lord_Odous
Both anime center on a teenage boy who suffers from guilt after a traumatic event in his past and seeks some form of reconciliation and redemption for his actions. Both anime also devote considerable time to that boy's group of childhood friends and how they too have to deal with their own personal demons stemming from that event. Lastly, both anime are very effective tearjerkers.
report Recommended by PowerUpOrDie
These anime share that theme of teenagers struggling to overcome a dark event from their past, for one. But mostly, I got a really similar feel from Jinta's and Shoya's characters and how they were affected by their individual tragedies. They both start out as confident, outgoing little boys-- the ringleaders of their groups of friends. ...And then grow up to be really withdrawn and insecure. It was one of the most striking elements of A Silent Voice for me, and though the focus on that element in Jinta's story is a little more subtle, it's definitely there and reminded me a lot of Shoya.
report Recommended by Duckielover151
It's a tear-jerking story about group of friends falling apart.
report Recommended by dindasmart
Both are amazing tearjerkers, as they succeed on delivering an emotional roller coaster up until the very end.
report Recommended by DeltaNemesis
KnK and AnoHana work under the similar backdrop of a melodramatic story about a group of people's childhoods and how their guilt and hidden emotions against each other have caused life-changing scenarios for all of them—and how their coming to terms with their past allows them to move on a new chapter in their lives.
report Recommended by TeKSMeLater
Both of them are tear jerkers. Both of them deals with characters struggling with their emotions and getting over their past.
report Recommended by RayRaivern
Watching Koe no Katachi, I couldn't help but notice the remarkable similarities to Anohana. The stories revolve around characters initially as young children when an incident breaks their fragile realities tearing friendships and livelihoods alike apart at the seams. Further, they have a similar time skip from elementary to high school to explore how the characters changed overtime and how the past has affected them. In the end, both are about the perils of life and growing up. There are consequences for every action and life isn't nearly as simple as it was when you were a child. Communication might appear to be a simple   read more
report Recommended by Khez
This anime shows the fragility of a person will to live, mainly on adolescence, when compelled to deal with the feelings of others.
report Recommended by hanagasumi
a heartfelt reunion to heal from the past
report Recommended by katkell
"A Silent Voice" is everything I wanted anohana to be. a well-written story about social anxiety, depression and let it the past go... if you are interested in well-written dramas, this is for you (It's also better than 13 reasons why)
report Recommended by JiegerBlack34
The heroine of the story is a pity girls who are sad, this story revolves around the past and trying to fix them in their teen age when the main character got reunited with the heroine. These two anime are trying to teach us lessons that we shouldn't hurt others.
report Recommended by Zestiria
Both explore the impact of childhood trauma (death in the case of anohana and bullying in the case of koe no katachi) and moving on from the past. Additionally, both have romantic elements (more so in anohana).
report Recommended by Moonheartsunhead
These animes surprisingly have a lot in common. Both of them deal with childhood trauma and observe the regathering of childhood friends to form strong bonds once again. While these two are quite different (and Silent Voice is ten times better), they still have similarities that will give you certain vibes, but won't make you feel at all like you're watching the same anime. They take different turns but both have finales based around similar concepts. They are, however, quite different. So don't expect them to be super similar.
report Recommended by kallocarina
Both involve a past incident that defines the current MC. Both are also heavily emotional and tearjerking. Both have social narratives that are much relevant to us today.
report Recommended by swivel
You want to know how to settle up with your "old friends"? Both have the same situation, where you and your childhood friends grown apart because an accident.
report Recommended by rido65
Both has somewhat similar characters, coming of age, and friends drifting apart.
report Recommended by Anret
Similarities: Group gets torn apart by some event in childhood Fixing relationships of the group Focused on the Female MC
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
they gave me the same vibe when I watched them, I really think you would like this if you enjoyed Anohana
report Recommended by Keolam