Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai., Kokoro Connect Recommendations

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
Kokoro Connect
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Kokoro Connect
Two shows with a focus on drama and the personal relationships between a group of friends.
report Recommended by Jax
Feelings, emotions, love affairs + supernatural touch.
report Recommended by Dixy
Both anime have a similar story about relationships between friends
report Recommended by Kuuzeg
AnoHana has more in common with the heavier aspects of Kokoro Connect, primarily personal issues and how these strain friendships. While Kokoro Connect might be how a group of friends can fall apart, AnoHana starts with estranged friends after the damage is already done. A visitor tries to change that, though reconciliation can be a difficult journey.
report Recommended by ianiceboy
There's a very similar atmosphere in both series. Each of the characters are extensively explored and gain a better understanding of each other through very unnatural experiences. The premise of the series may be different, but excluding that, if you like the character development in either of the series, you'll sure to like the other show.
report Recommended by ShadowOfThePast
They both focus on à group of friends and due to some supernatural events their feelings and relation are put on the edge. Both anime have the same warm feelin. There's comedy but Both series also touches some heavy subjects, wich makes them both great.
report Recommended by JaeDough
Ano Hana and Kokoro Connect are similar because they both involves friendship and romance. Problems come up between the friends but they eventually solve it and have a better understanding of each other.
report Recommended by Aleron
Both are drama anime that deal with character relationships and life problems. AnoHana is almost always serious with a melancholic tone, whereas Kokoro Connect tends to be lighter with more comedy. I encourage any drama fans to check these out.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both are great anime dramas Kokoro's group of friends face issues that may tear them apart, and Ano's group faces issues which also cause life-changing effects Both animes have a bit of supernatural aspect to them
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
They both are very well crafted stories that delve into the human condition and the relationships between the characters through a supernatural event. Both stress the importance of friendship and the supernatural catalyst causes them to come together (In Anohana this is more evident and Kokoro Connect delves far deeper into what strains can develop between friends).
report Recommended by Axelarater
Both have a group of friends that more or less deal with the supernatural. Controversy spreads through both series, but the group eventually works together. The pace of both series flow very well and will surely touch your heart. Oh, and they both have love polygons.
report Recommended by FirstFamiliar
Both are based on a group of friends that go through various conflicts due to supernatural causes Both plots arise and fall because of the strong emotions that run through the groups Both have love/hate relaitionships within the group
report Recommended by Vice45
First of all Kokoro Connect probably won't make you break down AS hard as Anohana. Besides that all the character relationships are there among these friends. So sally forth on another emotional rollercoaster!
report Recommended by Kiyoiro
Both stories center around childhood friends who went through a series of trials and struggles together upon encountering a supernatural phenomenon. The theme for both series revolves around the importance of friendship and accountability. They were also able present impeccable artistry (especially the musical scores) and spiritual value.
report Recommended by akikonyaaan
Both anime are capable in mixing the viewers' emotion as they offer emotional conflicts. They also provides the viewers with a lesson about life, as the conflicts that appear in the anime are somewhat similar to our daily life and may happen in regular occurance
report Recommended by sylphet
Both are about group of friends and their encounter with supernatural.
report Recommended by jayjaybernil
Both of these animes focuses on the bonds between the group of characters that you'll probably love, and both are about a sudden "surprise" in their lives, although Kokoro Connect was cut into many different arcs. They have just too many similarities, such as the animation. Not to mention that they both deal with the "supernatural," although again, Kokoro Connect gives much more of that feeling than Ano Hana If you liked either Kokoro Connect or Ano Hana, give the other one a try, you won't regret it! :)
report Recommended by suitangi
Factual similarities: Both are high school anime with romance and supernatural elements. The supernatural elements in both are used to create drama. My opinion: I didn't like either of these, however, of the two, I think Anohana might be the less worse one. The drama in Anohana was somewhat justifiable, not so in KokoroC. KokoroC dramatizes something almost everyone goes through, without making such a fuss about it. In Anohana, a lot of the characters sometime start crying and start shouting out their feelings instead of the reader letting them figure them out. That was just bad writing. KokorC has an issue with inconsistent   read more
report Recommended by Gerhakiki
- Both anime deal with the theme of friendship during adolescence and have characters that are realistic and relatable. - Both anime have great art style. - Both anime also share supernatural elements which catalyse emotions in both groups of friends. - Both anime are emotional.
report Recommended by Forgotten_Memo
Both give you the supernatural/friendship/romance feel throughout the anime! Both anime are really top notch as well!
report Recommended by Salo
Interference by something that cannot be explained. Love triangles, awkward & funny situations, friendships (re)born, cute (female) characters and of course mature jokes ... what more can a teenager ask for!
report Recommended by Y_TZ
Same development and eventual romance between a group of friends. A tinge of supernatural always keeps the series interesting, with the supernatural novelty eventually taking backseat to the deep character relationships in Kokoro. Anohana and Kokoro both share the story of a group of five friends dealing with supernatural events and their own feelings for each other.
report Recommended by UnliExp
Both are about a group of friends who are experiencing some paranormal phenomena. Their interpersonal relationships are heavily emphasised as well as how their personalities change over time. The overal atmosphere of both titles is highly emotional and touching.
report Recommended by Daritha42
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