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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
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Ano Natsu de Matteru
Released within a year of each other, the two series utilize similar art styles, but focus around a group of friends hanging out during the summer time period. More specifically, there is a mystery to be solved, but the thoughts of only having that one summer for one last time to make memories as friends.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
-Both give the same feeling/atmosphere -Both have something to do with the theme "Summer" -Similar art -Both are interesting
report Recommended by bwub
Similiar atmosphere Love and drama Maincharacters are alike Beautiful art
report Recommended by MissAnime96
similar chara design have the same feel both have summer theme
report Recommended by otakuhime
• Similar art style • Both are original anime productions • Both give the same feeling • Both have "romance"
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Group of friends developing emotions to each other/same director
report Recommended by Monokoi
Anohana and Ano Natsu de Matteru are both emotional anime that have a nearly identical mode of story telling and main male protagonists trying to fulfill the wish of a girl that may eventually disappear from their lives. They also have really similar characters - a socially awkward male, a paranormal girl and their friends in between who are in a pinch regarding their love lives. Both series offer superb animation and feature a lot of touching moments that will most likely make you let out tears and leave you with a happy smile in the end. If you liked watching one of them you   read more
report Recommended by FireHeart
Both involve a group of friends that suffer from unrequited love. The atmosphere also feels similar.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
- the character design - the vibe of love pentagon - the feelings - the storytelling style - same director
report Recommended by ryanagamis
Both series has a lighthearted sort of feeling involving romance and drama. The protagonist seems to be the center of it all as he tries to fulfill the wishes of the heroine. The main characters are rather similar s well. The protagonist is somewhat cynical and the heroine is strange. Additionally, the director worked on both of these series hence the dramatic story. And as for the stories, both series are build from friendship, trials, misunderstandings, and bonds.
report Recommended by Stark700
* Same director * Nice drama plot * Both stories have summer theme (most of the time) * Love conflicts * Good ending
report Recommended by LTavares
Both deal with a lot of drama and also have similar style.... That's because both anime were made by the same people!!
report Recommended by darkestflame
•both are from the same anime company/producer which = same character designs, atmosphere, art style •both anime focus on fullfilling a wish of an important person to the boy protagonist, which they know they will eventually dissappear •both contain romances/love triangles/hardships of loss •both have a familiar story throughout the anime which both of the anime ends in sadness •both are really pleasant to watch, so if you watch one, you must watch the other.
report Recommended by Lupta
Both involve a group of friends and have a supernatural girl (ghost/alien). They both have love triangles, squares, or whatever... They are both "summer" themed and also have similar art.
report Recommended by ValkyrieCain
-both romance slice of life genre -both have tear jerking moments -both have love triangles...more than that rather -both heroine is going away..something like that..
report Recommended by ciaorawr
They're both directed by the same director. The shows each have similar themes that revolve around the idea of the main character meeting someone of the supernatural and falling in love.
report Recommended by Brightning
a few similarities: - same director - same artist - the lead female protagonists in both series have the same voice actor - summer theme - both revolve around relationships
report Recommended by Noodlebowl
Both series take place during the summer and the life changing experiences that the characters go through. Both series have interesting characters with interesting relationships. Both series slightly involve supernatural events with ghosts in Ano Hana and aliens in Ano Natsu. Both series have similar art styles and character designs. Both series involve romance.
report Recommended by Zeal_Seal
Very similar feel of summertime and a group of friends with plenty of tear jerking action. In both shows there is a unique main female lead and very relatable main characters. Both include relationship drama and love triangle/squares. The art style is also similar. Overall they two shows just feel very similar in many different ways.
report Recommended by wumbmasta
Both of the Main Characters are in love with a girl that is a fictional creature (ghost/alien). They also both have the same character designer.
report Recommended by triton6783
Ano Natsu and Anohana have a similar feel to their content and atmosphere such as the summer setting, dramedy, and character development. The central theme in this is based around love, a love triangle, and personal conflicts. You might laugh, and cry at the same time as you progress through the story with a likable story and characters. Anohana follows six childhood friends, who are in their separate ways after one childhood friend was involved in an accident who turned into a ghost. Ano Natsu follows an alien girl who crash land on Earth and the boy was involve with that accident.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both anime have a ''what it seems'' lovely happy team of kids...but with secrets, fears, thoughts they can't share! They contain love, painfull love, and sadness and tears! Both anime have a characters that is kinda ''strange''...who comes and changes everything in the loves of the protagonists!
report Recommended by kelpiechan
Stories about friendship and love with an extra touch of supernatural or sci-fi. AnoHana focuses on drama and AnoNatsu is more of a comedy, so the main similarities between these series are in their animation and seasonal-focused themes (spring and summer). Plus the nostalgic sort of title. All the same, characterisation and the evolution of the protagonists' relationships have a lot in common, and both stories give off a similar feeling at the end. If you're in for touching and lively stories, go ahead and try both.
report Recommended by KuroMayKami
Both love stories among lovers from different worlds
report Recommended by MegaDany97
- They both have same art style. - The situation of the two female protagonist might look different but technically they are same. - I love both of their Op and ED - the story lines take place in a certain "Summer"
report Recommended by tachibana_mei
Both have colorful characters and a similar art style, both dealing with feelings of love and loss with a supernatural twist. I would have to say that "Ano Natsu de Matteru" never feel quite as deep as AnoHana, though, but it's good nonetheless.
report Recommended by Ilanaea
Besides the over the comparison between style, production value, staff, animation and more so, which by the way are major pluses in their own right, each tells a type of emotional story that both share similarities on. One focuses on changing yourself out of individuals comfort zone while the other challenges the change to move forward with oneself. Noth different in narrative, but a central theme of change and growth are both shown in these. Would recommend to check these two out.
report Recommended by Alufei
+ Both are series that explore the everyday life hardships and nice/good moments of it... + Character designs is somewhat similar...(eyes) + Both of these anime are emotional...really...(at the end only) + Both have amazing visuals/ost's... + Both are made by A-1 Pictures / both has similar genres as well... - Both has anoying male leads, female leads also.....(supporting cast are cool, I'm okay with them)
report Recommended by Konte
Well.. basically its the same story about someone outside your logic mind.. lol
report Recommended by Dee_Octa
If you look closely at the Characters in Anohana they resemble the characters in Ano Natsu. and ends in a tear jerking scene.
report Recommended by Kazuko_Rin
Same writers, same studio, same feeling - Ano Natsu de Matteru is a spiritual successor in the sense that this show carries with it all the same heart, drama, and intensity of Ano Hana.
report Recommended by SirLemuel5
The whole story covers up around a group of childhood friends. The same countryside vibe along with great graphics. Also has heart heavy ending.
report Recommended by Spi_ne
-bittersweet -about friendship and finding love -similar aesthetics -magical realism
report Recommended by Ball_of_Butter
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