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Ao no Exorcist
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-Both about the main character who thought they were normal and live normal lives, but then they ended up both having a demon inside of them. -Both of the main characters are then forced to transfer to a new city, new school that focuses strictly on magic. -Both typical, interesting shounen anime
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both have elite schools our MCs enlist in to train to combat a threat to humanity (curses in jkk, demons in BE). Both have great humour, art styles, OSTs and characters.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
- They both deal with the supernatural - Both are about exorcism and fighting against supernatural evil - Both have main characters which deal with their evil side - Both have main characters which loss their godfather in the first episodes - Both are mixed with dark fantasy and comedy
report Recommended by Serkan_kun
exorcism yoo the concept i feel like is very similar. both have the concept of demons and exorcism etcetc.. both main characters were jus ordinary boys at first but then one day something happens, and their worlds turn upside down yk the drill. they go through the whole 'i have a goal and this is what i now have to do', then go on an adventure or sumn & the fun starts.
report Recommended by pheung
demons and curses, blah blah. mc has to get executed. if ykyk
report Recommended by ecstxsy
both are set in a world with 'monster" like creature in which some people can see and can go to a school to learn to kill these monsters.
report Recommended by Kuro-ace
Both MC have demonic powers and the plot is almost the same, just exorcising some demons and curses
report Recommended by EverydayStranger
In both of these shows, Protagonist is a vessel of a demon and has to constantly fight the evil inside him to protect his loved ones. Moreover, The exorcism of curses and the comedic presentation of various characters in these 2 are what makes me feel like they have a lot in common.
report Recommended by Codex_1051
The story is kinda similar,in both of the stories the protangonist have to fight evil sprits
report Recommended by Bitw77
Normal Lives? Sike. The main characters from both shows thought that their life would be just like anyone else in the world, who live a normal life and pass away in peace. However, they are posses with special powers where a demon lies inside them and forces them to change their style of life to saving mankind. Both of the series are very interesting shounen animes where the expected is never true. Similarities: - Both animes are about fighting supernatural creatures which is a threat to mankind - Both main characters have to deal with their evil side - Both MCs has to get executed for good
report Recommended by nom_nom_biyori
A similar idea of having supernatural schools to raise people who can fight against demons (in Ao no Exorcist's case) and curses (in Jujutsu Kaisen's case). Both characters have super special characteristics which either make people turn on them or treat them as the fate of their supernatural worlds.
report Recommended by Levitou