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In these anime, the protagonists are stripped away of their families and left alone until they join certain organization to avenge their cause with their own hands. Also, they both fight using swords.
report Recommended by MystiC_MOON
It's like Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist had a love anime...seriously. Lost Family in the beginning? check. Hidden power that a few people know about? check. Less Cliche than anything but if it were cliche, it still kicks ass? check Delinquent you get in a fight with on your first day of training/school? check Grade difference of having a horrible score and the delinquent you got in a fight with having a perfect score? cheeky check! Demon swords and demon weapons? checkarooni. Being a delinquent like person yourself who doesn't give a shit about school? CHECKITY CHECK CHECK CHECK~ just watch it. Even if you didn't like Blue Exorcist, Owari no   read more
report Recommended by kurai-chan
Ao no Exorcist and Owari no Seraph both are action packed shounen anime with supernatural themes. The protagonists are similar (can be argued that they are both typical shounen protagonists if that gives any indication of similarity) that have lost something due to a terrible tragedy the befalls them. This drives both protagonists to desire revenge on the entity that caused their strife. Both series have lovable and diverse side characters with fleshed out character arcs, and a well built out world for the series to exist in.
report Recommended by Tessaiga20
Somehow while watching Owari no Seraph, it gave me a feeling that both main character's personality are somewhat similar to each other. Both of them are hotheaded, overconfident and believe that they do not need the training to face the enemy.
report Recommended by ChuuuMin
- Both of the main characters wanna kill all the enemies but isn't that the thing in every shounen out there..same with other characters that are rivals with each others and stuff, they were pretty similar. - One thing is also that Yuu and Rin both have brothers that they love<3 Though when talking more about characters, OnS designs were like copies of series that have already come..just lazy (for example, Yuu looked like Basara in smnTestament) Gomen fans! - In the end (watchers know) Yuu reminded me of Rin and some other demons in ane - The school in OnS reminded me a lot of ane. It   read more
report Recommended by sarakarkki
Both series follow the shounen formula: a hotheaded protagonist loses family/friends to the wills of a supernatural monster and vows to get revenge/defeat said monster with the power of a magic weapon and a handful of new friends. Both series have specialized schools and organizations with the purpose of training youth to defeat the monsters. They also share the theme of demons, though for different purposes, and the main characters are more than normal humans. The soundtracks for both series are products of Hiroyuki Sawano, and both series share great visuals/backgrounds.
report Recommended by JakklL
A teenage boy, desperate for revenge for his family after they were killed by a powerful, dark supernatural creature, seeks to enlist in a school for people who kill that kind of creature. His classmates and acquaintances serve as a supporting ensemble. Both series are action shounens with plenty of drama and heavy supernatural themes, though Owari no Seraph is a bit darker than Blue Exorcist.
report Recommended by lycheejane
Both are very good animes, the passage of the school is similar on many details.
report Recommended by NeoPika12
If Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist had a love child, then Owari no Seraph would be it. I've already recommended AOT, and now I'm gonna recommend BE. Parallels/similarities include - # Protagonist who's lost his family due to supernatural elements and swears to take revenge # Their eagerness to not be in class but instead be out in the field, hunting/killing creatures # Their complete disregard for authority # Asshole in the class who ends up being his second or third bestie. # Magic, enchantments and weapons like scythes and swords being used to slay creatures # Classroom scenes that test students on their practical and bookish knowledge (and   read more
report Recommended by Sonal1988
The main characters both have swords, a hot temper and demonic powers. I would say that Owari no Seraph has more of an adult feeling to it and touches subjects like morals and death a lot, whereas Blue exorcist is a bit more light hearted and humorous, although touches those subjects as well but in a more gentle way. They are both great stories you should check out!
report Recommended by ghostsickness9