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Ao no Exorcist and Tokyo Ghoul both run on the system of "What have I become?!" Both main protagonists start out with normal human lives uninterrupted with the 'real' world they are being kept away from. Both protagonists are then introduced to the hidden world they were being kept hidden from under certain disastrous incidents having to deal with death. Ao no Exorcists', Rin Okumura, is a normal teenage boy who just started high school. He's been ostracized by society due to his monstrous behavior. After some time, demons attack the monastery he lives at searching for him. He finds a sword hidden by his father that,   read more
report Recommended by WindBreaker
Both Ao no exorcist and Tokyo ghoul are focusing on the individual in a new world, while Ao no exorcist is fun and sometimes comedic Tokyo ghoul is totally a mystery, and contains blood an violence. Both main characters are trying to get to a new world they got into not by their choice and to live regularly in this world.
report Recommended by YuvalRamot
both main character of this anime had a strong dilemma. and although both are no longer human, but they retain their humanity
report Recommended by liercykazumi
Though these 2 are not on the same basis there are some similarities that make this anime good for TG lovers (like myself) SAME: -main character is weak but due to trauma gets hardcore -humans fitting creatures in the shadows -humans vs other species -main character trying to live in society -main character hiding truth from friends/ comrades -main character half human half other -both have the one weird character that no one knows is good or evil (Tsukiyama, Pheles) -both have a short tempered character that's hardcore (Touka, Ryuji) -move at the same pace in plot DIFFERENCE: Ao no Exorcist: -more magic than science -more comedy -demons not ghouls -no humans being devoured -plot branches out more -high school life Tokyo   read more
report Recommended by Nyah_Chan
Rin,the protagonist of the anime,has to learn and adjust to his new life as a half-human and...half-Satan's son!!The anime itself is a light one but with its serious moments.It is pretty fun and easy to watch without being bored.Please note that it has a second season,so you have plenty stuff to see!!!!!! Though,I have not watched the second season yet so yeah the first one is just perfect!
report Recommended by kawainoodledesu
Both anime are having different concept and main character but story is kinda same i guess.
report Recommended by Pable
There is this great atmosphere. Main characters in both of these stories become some kind of a monster. There is no way to put it in words. They just have similar vibes
report Recommended by Rukola
both have the same gory feel in both anime they were both human in the beginning but became a different creature
report Recommended by Gr00vyFr0g