Ao no Exorcist, Strike the Blood Recommendations

Ao no Exorcist
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Ao no Exorcist
Strike the Blood
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Strike the Blood
The main characters are supernatural beings that are trying to learn to live with their demonic powers and to search for the truth behind it and their origins. They are both considered highly dangerous as they have issues controlling it. to add, they have groups after them to wipe both out. Ao no Exorcist is more of a classic shounen while Strike the Blood tends to be more of your action-harem series. Both showcase pretty good powers and fighting scenes.
report Recommended by papsoshea
In both shows, the main character is a supernatural being who is said to be very dangerous and should be eliminated. Both have exorcists who fight the demons/supernatural beings. The fight scenes are also good in both.
report Recommended by AuroraDragneel
- the main character is stuck with a superior power to the common man
- neither character wanted the power in the first place
- both animes have humor mixed into the deep plot, although Ao no Exorcist would be stronger in humor
- Strike the Blood is a bit more... mature? Perhaps?
report Recommended by Shoujo_Addict