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Both the main characters are almost very similar, they have the determination to become one of the best and strongest person there is. In both series they possess unbelievable strength and power already or later on. They both are also similar since they have a path of solitude and basically not wanting to rely on others that much. Another aspect about both series is that they both have a lot of Drama since the main characters have at least a lost a loved one. Both are also really good Shounen and this one is mostly Seinen 'cause the characters are more matured   read more
report Recommended by MysticStrider
In Ao no Exorcist, the enemies are demons. On the other hand, SNK despises Titans. Both main characters share the same fate of dealing with enemies which are responsible for killing their love ones and spoiler alert, they get to be like the enemies (Like Eren becoming half titan and Rin becoming half demon). In return, although their true identities became despicable for some they managed to escape execution and in exchange, they become weapons in order to save humanity and avenge their love ones.
report Recommended by connielas
- Both main characters are pretty stubborn (imo - not much character development) + hot tempered - They both have something to fight for which is the sole reason that fuels them - They both fight something that they hate yet they themselves are one - They endanger a lot of people around them due to the fact of what they are If you liked Ao No Exorcist, then you are going to love SNK. Zero fan service, lack of romance, serious all the way and bad ass 3DMG skills? Hell yeah.
report Recommended by 27lily
These two follow a very similar plotline with with alike characters. Except Ao No Exorcist is much lighter. Rin fights demons when he himself is one; Eren fights Titans when he can become one. They both lose someone close to them and decide to start the fight. They both have people close to them that have better skills than them (Mikasa and Yuuki) that they want to stay close to because they're family.
report Recommended by coastalruins
Very similar in a couple of ways Kid(Rin, Slightly Yukio/ Eren)-Mysterious power that they themselves were unaware of dad-knows of it and wants them to use it for good ^because of said, kid goes to court to decide if they live. they do and they use it for good. then kid must fight another of there race whos much stronger (Female titan/Amaimon)
report Recommended by Psyko
From afar, these two series aren't pretty much alike, but at some point, they are. Both of the main protagonist has similar personalities and preferences, both 15 years old careless guys. Both of them has a an enemy-like stature. One is a son of Satan (enemy) and one is a Titan-shifter (enemy). Both of them are using their gifts to be a hero and defeat the enemy. Both are 25 episode shows. And both are surprisingly good.
report Recommended by sevenPocky
Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the setting, but either than that they are REALLY similar, and here's why: Similarities: Main Character (MC): +wants to avenge his dead parents +pursues a nearly impossibble goal +has a special power that he initially doesn't know about +has an overprotective sibling, who is great in combat +is often ridiculed by the people around him +is willing to do anything to achieve his goal +through his selfish actions hurts the people around him +fights using a sword Side characters: Yukio = Mikasa (overprotective sibling, who is great in combat) Shiemi = Armin (weak blond(e) (sorry Armin x'D), who actually comes useful in some situations) Suguro(Bon) = Jean (the one who constantly   read more
report Recommended by BlueOla
- Both have main characters who desire to destroy the things that took away someone close to them (Titans, demons). - Both main characters lost a parental figure which "triggered" their hatred. - Both main characters are the things they desire to destroy. - Both animes have a dark, underlying themes (though Blue Exorcist hides it better). - Both animes have strong minor characters as well as the main.
report Recommended by DoitsuItalia
Both main characters are what they want to exterminate. In fact, as they're both shonen protagonists, their personalities are really similar. Their dogged determination is key for becoming stronger and the course of the plot develops around all the difficulties they have to go through due to their goals while being what they are. Same number of episodes, lots of epic action scenes, lots of drama, unique stories. Both totally recommended if you like these genres.
report Recommended by hexcandy