Ao no Exorcist, Tokyo Ravens Recommendations

Ao no Exorcist
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Ao no Exorcist
Tokyo Ravens
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Tokyo Ravens
In both shows, students are training to become slayers of demons.
report Recommended by iadmin08
Both anime`s have exorcist`s on it and all exorcist are required to defend mankind from all evil spirits and demons.
report Recommended by YukiNatsu
Both of these deal with supranatural problem (Devil's for Ao no Exorcist and Spirit's for Tokyo Ravens).
report Recommended by VadNAP
Both have: -incantations, similar ways of fighting -similar artwork -similar group of teenagers who study at a magic school and have adventures together
report Recommended by ralu97
Both include characters who go from living normals lives to living in out of their ordinary lives into an exorcist school. Both include main characters with similar attitudes. Both main characters are inexperienced in their arts. The main characters friends are both similar in the way they support him.
report Recommended by tobyworld8
• The students are training to become an exorcist. • MC has great power. • They both have hilarious moments that you can't miss.
report Recommended by Annis
They both deal with the supernatural. Both have a mc that turn out to be a big shot and they didn't know it. The plot in these two seem rather interesting, but they are slow to build up.
report Recommended by Bariki