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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Both have a unique, cute artstyle that covers a dark, deep lore. Both have beautiful animation that make them stand out from the rest.
report Recommended by Pelocan
I wouldn't call "Madoka Magica" a shoujo for the same reason I wouldn't call "Made in Abyss" a shounen. Both turn their respective genre on its head, and there's something of a "shock factor" that comes with it.
report Recommended by -Krouton-
Do you enjoy anime with an adorable art style that are actually pretty messed up? Trust me, either one of these series will not let you down! Both series feature a young adolescent girl as the protagonist and have similar art styles. The total number of episodes (currently on 5/22/18) for both is low, so they are both a short and sweet watch. The pacing of both series is fast and will keep you guessing.
report Recommended by Tessaiga20
Both have a very seemly innocent premise...but later on both perform a drastic heel turn at some point in their running time. Also both of them have very unique art styles along with stunning animation.
report Recommended by DarkStarHarry
• Both have deceptively moe character design/art styles and an innocuous premise (magical girl, fantasy/adventure), but traverse down much darker paths than initially expected. • Both have a young, innocent female main character who perseveres through whatever trials are thrown at her without losing her faith or resolve. • Both have tragic characters who are disfigured or transformed in some way. • Both have aspects of magic or fantasy that reveal themselves as much darker than initially expected throughout the course of the narrative (Madoka and the Soul Gems, Abyss and the Curse of the Abyss).
report Recommended by khvleesea
A cutesy artstyle masks a grim reality and a story that steadily grows darker in tone, all of this while going through truly unique backgrounds, surreal in one case and fantastic in the other, but astoundingly beautiful in both cases.
report Recommended by Herbrax
- Cute "moe" art styles with a very dark twist few episodes later. - Creative fantasy parts and awesome worldbuilding and ideas in both of them. - Protagonists are children in both series. - Very intense and emotional drama. - Similar atmosphere and they appeal to a very similar taste. - Stunning visuals in both series. - Absolutely beautiful music in both series.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_
If you liked it, you have to watch this anime for sure. Both have artstyle different from the one we are used to. And the plots are both... interesting and different. The immature kind-hearted female protagonist is confronted with a "cruel" world in both animes. Note: it's difficult to recommend it without spoiling too much, so just take my advise and go watch it!
report Recommended by randomanimeseen
The plot may seem different, but if you enjoyed Made in Abyss or Madoka Magica you should try the other one as they both share a dark plot mixed with really great, cute and "childish" art. If you like stories that are not as shiny they look, I really recommend you both of them!
report Recommended by jotaccb
both have cute styles with innocent enough premises that get very dark they also both have amazing soundtracks and beautiful animation
report Recommended by moobles
Both are at first glance happy stories about friendship and stuff... but with the passage of time, however, both started be more and more dark and kinda scary. Definitely, both are very touching.
report Recommended by Shahya
Same vibe. Cute characters that make you feel like you watching anime for kids, but every next episode gets darker and darker.
report Recommended by Torokson
Cute children in a mysterious world that only gets darker and harder to live in. This is the thing that anime does best. A kawaii veneer over a tragic world.
report Recommended by ClaireTheBear
Innocent kids and dark revelations always seem to mix oh so well. They share dark and baleful undertones and once the story sets in, the cruel reality is revealed! They're both full of twists, sinister themes, and an engaging narrative. They're recommended watches if you're looking for a gritty anime that isn't everything it appears to be.
report Recommended by Starchaser
Both are huge in terms of their scopes. Both feature sudden dark twists and turns. Both shows are good at making the audience want to learn more about the world/setting. Both feature very young, but extremely well written characters who have to face large dangers and interesting situations. Both are heavy in terms of carrying tons of emotion and meaning. Both are beautiful but also frightening.
report Recommended by MontuBGTB
You like things that mess with you mind? That make you think about things? Well if you do, Made in Abyss is exactly for you! Watch the first 4 episodes and decide if you give it a 9/10 or not.
report Recommended by Shogun753
Whether it is moe style for the characters (Madoka Magica) or chibi-like (Made in Abyss), both series are more than meets the eye. The colorful art conceals surprisingly deep lore for the settings, with enough touching, tearjerking and even downright hopeless moments springled in. They are not for the light of heart and can really reach one's feelings, as soon as they are not bothered by their artstyles.
report Recommended by Krankastel
Both shows feature young protagonists set on a path that contains an underlying darkness. They push the limits on typical cute anime.
report Recommended by DekumDora
Both have pretty "moe" art style, they both involve some kids suffering and both get darker as it goes on. Made in abyss is more on the fantasy-adventure side and is more lighthearted at times but also very gory at other times which is why I love it, and has a great story to go along with it
report Recommended by spoopypineapple
If you like darkness, and hopeless and cute girls or children suffering horrible fates and dying in vein, fighting lovecraftian monsters in dark souls like setting, then both these anime are for you.
report Recommended by KuroNekoAlchemy