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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Shinsekai yori
✔ Both are shocking and moving ✔ Have similar disquieting atmosphere ✔ Talk about dangerous power
report Recommended by Shifu
Both stories deal with mystical powers, cruel truths, and the discoveries about their warped world. These series also tend to switch art styles in certain moments. However, there are vast differences in the plot lines, although the atmosphere is quite similar.
report Recommended by khristoff
They both have some mystery involved. They both have an amazing ending- an ending that is memorable.
report Recommended by Winnieish
I really wish that someone had told me about Shinsekai yori when I first watched Madoka. Most of the recommendations on the Madoka page are either "dark" magical girl series or shows that people think are "deconstructions" of certain genres. However, I didn't love Madoka because of either of those things- I liked it because of the way that the plot came together so well; I loved that every detail mattered, and that revelations later in the series were foreshadowed early on. I also liked how Madoka wasn't afriad to tackle big issues. Shinsekai yori is a series that has a similar structure to Madoka,   read more
report Recommended by BlueEnvy
Both series have very engaging and surreal animation and drama, especially in later episodes.
report Recommended by trainerblack
Start off innocent and gets dark later, has so many tragedies while unraveling the truth about its fictional world. Strong theme of friendship.
report Recommended by dindasmart
1. the both anime have 5 character 2. well their situation is almost same, 3. their real enemy is kinda have same attitude for the first time , but in the end they show them self that they are evil.. 4. good plot and music
report Recommended by lTl__lTl
At times it is better not to know the truth and play along deceptions, because at times the truth can be most cruel thing of all. Both Shinsekai Yori and Puella Magi Madoka Magica place a strong emphasis on this fact. The protagonists in both the series continually face deceptions and despair. These two series have a dark setting and focus on supernatural mysteries. The dark secrets in both these series are really shocking!!
report Recommended by brijesh
Both animes deal with preteens bestowed with powers beyond their capacity to comprehend. They also show the dire, hidden consequences that come with the price of being superhuman. In Madoka, the girls are influenced to choose to become magical girls, while in New World, the children are born with superpowers into a society that uses forms of brainwashing and thought control to keep the citizens docile. if you liked one, you'll surely like the orther.
report Recommended by charlie21