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Both Anime focus around girls giving up something for a fight and the souls that are attached. They also have anime styles that don't stick to the norm.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
While Black Rock Shooter lacks the magical girl theme of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, there are still similarities to be found in certain areas. In their plots, both concern other dimensions or alternative realities that offer a nod to the genres of "dementia" and "psychological". In both BRS and PMMM, epic battles are fought in these other zones, and they are portrayed with a dark and unique art and animation style that varies considerably from the bright palette that is used for the slice-of-life and drama scenes that comprise most of the rest of the series. In addition to this, friendship (and its strength) proves   read more
report Recommended by survivingphoenix
Melodramatic middle school girls' complex
report Recommended by AmberFebruary
School girls, drama, alternative world where the battle against evil occurs. MSMM is more magical and psychological, while BRS is more slice of life.
report Recommended by Frezlaj
Fantasy world, colorful characters, meets the dark side
report Recommended by RicardosFlick
An alternate world which endures your grief and a world where you can exchange your life for a wish. Both stories talk about friendship and that the main characters always attempt to help others without helping themselves. While the best friend of the main character would be in the side line being confused and fights against her. The difference in the ending is that BRS has a more violence ending compared to puella magi.
report Recommended by lostplanets
these two are both just as dark and twisted as another
report Recommended by mahoushoujocore
Similar focus on a dark story - but BRS manages to be darker, and more violent. The drama is felt more in BRS than Madoka, but both are equally well done.
report Recommended by BRSxIgnition
I find the alternate words presented in both Madoka and Black Rock Shooter very similar in style. Additionally, in both animes the plot revolves around friendship of two girls. Both protagonists are innocent girls, who never had contact with the dark side of life at the beginning.
report Recommended by antares1127
It's hard to explain what the similarities are... But the way they are written, drawn and animated have very similar qualities. Both anime's involve deep emotional stories that are griping. The main themes of always believing in yourself and your friends is also similar. (But they both still have a fair amount of action as well) The most striking similarity however is that the main characters use their timid yet very hopeful and bright personalities to fight the INCREDIBLY sad circumstances that they have to face.
report Recommended by JordanDN
Both series star an innocent, caring middle-school-aged girl who wants to make everyone happy. Neither Mato nor Madoka know their true power and feel that they are incredibly helpless. A lot of tears are shed in both stories, as the girls try to overcome great conflict, mostly internal.
report Recommended by evilicious
Both stories focus on pre-teenage girls and their hardships as they start to mature/gain knowledge about life. The main characters suffer psychological stress from common things such as: friendship troubles, love troubles, etc. While it appears to be a light story at first, both start to develop depth and delve into the darker themes of reality.
report Recommended by timoteiis
It's hard to exactly write about what is so similar between the two, but they are both psychologically thrilling, main characters are females, and they both go through immense hardships. Both are generally innocent and moe girls whom are forced to learn what the world/universe really is. Both have great friends who help them on their journies.
report Recommended by Soltaru
same fantastic atmosphere and both are about psychology of little girls
report Recommended by oguzas
GIRLS... both psyochological stories too
report Recommended by touhou_assassin
Similar atmosphere, it seems a naive anime, but it's way more darker (Madoka is really harder then how it seems). The way the color is used in both anime is uncommon and well appreciated.
report Recommended by xNihalx
Both have similar trama and characters... You only have to see it. But in my opinion BRS is better tan Madoka Magica.
report Recommended by fantajikyoui
Same sort of fight perspective for friendship and hardcore twists in the storyline. also girls that fight for the sake of the world they know and some dramatic storytelling with brutal acts.
report Recommended by Darkfafi
Both are essentially really, REALLY dark Magical Girl animes with SUPER heavy themes. If you're familiar with the TV Trope "Breaking The Cutie", that's basically what the MC of both anime go through. The're's a lot of great action in both series, great animation, PHENOMENAL scores, and some incredible, and memorable characters. If you liked Madoka, you'll probably like BRS, and if you liked BRS, you'll probably like Madoka. They're very similar, just that one is slightly darker than the other.
report Recommended by LuminesFire
"Someone out there is fighting for you." Both Black Rock Shooter and Madoka Magica have this similar moral to them. However, they both also have cool battles and hints of yuri in them. And who doesn't like cool battles and hints of yuri? Sure both of these shows get a little messy in the end, but when they're good, they're really good.
report Recommended by Fujaku
Both shows combine moe character designs with dark themes, psychological aspects and action.
report Recommended by smileyboyrocks
Both anime are about girls who can enter a very special and surreal area, with a simple wish. The artstyles are a bit different from eachother, but both are very unique.
report Recommended by Zymf
Story line is focused on emotional developement of the characters; Both anime are abstract and some may think: "a bit crazy"; Centered around little girls; Both got quality ;)
report Recommended by Liquifizer
The graphics and soundtracks make the entire series amazing works of art! Not to mention the story lines are amazing and slightly demented.
report Recommended by Moonbeam009
They will deceive you with their appearances, and trigger your emotions with surprising plot twists, and an extraordinary sequence of events. Both about girls that are fighting for a better world . Both have very unconventional art styles .
report Recommended by Silent_Vizard
Magical Lesbians
report Recommended by gaysuke
Black Rock Shooter features a set of middle-school looking girls who lead normal lives by day, but then get sucked into fantasy realms where they battle it out with monsters (and one another). The animation style of Madoka is more colourful, but both feature dark themes underlying these rocky female friendships. The fight scenes are also choreographed beautifully in Black Rock Shooter and Madoka. Despite the seemingly more upbeat atmosphere of Madoka, it is definitely darker and has more heavy metaphors and symbols than Black Rock Shooter. Overall, each anime will constantly challenge the viewer to draw parallels between the real and fantasy worlds, as   read more
report Recommended by MissAi
Both series is Action filled, Drama Anime (an unusual genre combo I could say). Both series' Main Protagonist is bounded by fate, but hesitating on what decision that should make. Both series' Main Protagonist by caring friends.
report Recommended by Haruchhiii
Black Shooter and Madoka share similar elements with their story plots. They both involve girls who posses a magical version of their-selves. Both involve working out conflicts that develop within friendships. Both involve addressing the topic of how emotions should be handled and the consequences of handling emotions in a negative way. Both involve fighting in alternate realities.
report Recommended by luxuriadolli
Both are surrealistic-psychologycal dramas about relations of girls, both look pretty standart and average from their description but actually are really unique.
report Recommended by Vizvezdenec
If you like stories about middle school girls going through depression while having characters fighting these two are for you. -They are both anime original stories (BRS being inspired by a vocaloid song) -Both have over the top fights that fit really well with the drama. -Both Madoka and Mato really care about their friends. -The tone of both series are really similar and both osts and animation styles are really good. -Both will take you for an emotional roller coaster.
report Recommended by You_Go_Now
They both involve a concept of "there is someone fighting for you and taking on your pain". They both are from the Mahou Shoujou genre, but are more dark and psychological. Finally, both of them have a strong friendship theme.
report Recommended by The39Clues
High-school girls, magic powers and magical world in which they fight the despair and hatred - these things are the main plot for both of the series. These two anime are really dramatical, so watch out for a dose of tears.
report Recommended by Megroth
Both... ...feature a cast of unique, cute and likeable girls. ...have visually impressive, epic fight scenes. ...are very emotional series, focusing on the personal struggles of the characters. Madoka Magica is definitely the superior series, but if you liked it there is a good chance you might like Black Rock Shooter as well. The characters are not as deep and neither is the plot, but it is still a highly entertaining and touching anime. It is also worth watching, if only for the magnificent battles.
report Recommended by Leigh39
Five girls transforming to fight for their lives, great action scenes, good animation and dark-dramatic scenarii. My favorite anime of all times !
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
Features magical school girls fighting each other in creepy otherworldly environments. Oh, and they both have a star symbol in the title.
report Recommended by Mallowmania