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Mobile Fighter G Gundam
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Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
A Super Robot piloted by a hot-blooded male who screams his attacks. Over-the-top action paired with serious drama. Victories, tragedies, love, betrayal, personal struggles, a fight to save humanity. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer. Highly recommended.
report Recommended by Starcastic
To truly understand the meaning of gar and all of its various connotations relative to man, both TTGL and G Gundam are excellent starting references. Both have dramatic combat, giant robots, allies that become enemies, enemies that become allies, and a hero that goes out there to fight for what they want. I hate to alienate any populations by saying, this, but speaking as a man, to men, you should definitely place both of these on your "must watch list".
report Recommended by lyim
Consider G Gundam as the older version of TTGL. I think that G Gundam has a better storyline than TTGL, but at the same time the story moves at a slower pace than TTGL as well (being 49 eps vs 27 eps respectively). Still, if you liked TTGL than you may want to watch G Gundam as well.
report Recommended by Arbalyst
The Gundam series most similar in tone to Gurren Lagann, at least in terms of OVER THE TOP RIDICULOUS BATTLES AND DUDES SCREAMING THEIR ATTACKS.

Seriously, G Gundam is tragically underrated. Please give it a try if you can find it, it is worth your time.
report Recommended by Treima
Both series are essentially about giant mechs fighting to the top. While the goals are different, the base premise is the same, fight against overwhelming odds and win by screaming loudly and launching loud powerful attacks, with you having to turn your brain of and scream alongside with the protagonists as they destroy everything. Gurren Lagann is just as over the top and epically absurd as G Gundam, but pushes it even further with huge explosions, over the top finishes, and robots bigger than anything. If you loved G Gundam, you'll love TTGL, and maybe even vice versa.
report Recommended by Manpig