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Saiunkoku Monogatari
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A girl of lower status becomes the center of attention for a person of royalty because of their strong will and kindness. The girl starts out only allowed to be in the presence of the lord due to their relationship, but eventually earns her way to be with him through her intelligence.
report Recommended by justice0
While it is easy to compare Akagami no Shirayuki-hime with Akatsuki no yona, I do feel that some parts of the story fit better with Saiunkoku monogatari (which can also be related to Yona). Both main characters relate to a prince, but they take exams to work on things in palace, instead of depending on the prince. Both are independent, strong, hardworking girls. Saiunkoku is way longer, but its story plot is better, too.
report Recommended by S3Shion
Both is in a historical-royalty setting. Saiunkoku is more like in a Japanese historical setting, but it has the same atmosphere of romance,drama, and friendship. They both portray the daily life and struggles of people living within the walls in the castle. They also both portray the classical romance and friendship theme. Both main girl protagonist have also the same personality and dreams. Cliche but nothing over the top. You will like this two series. Akagami is more fast paced and shorter though. :)
report Recommended by Saber_Princess
Both female leads are average girls who get close to royalty. They both are independent and hard working as they achieve their goal of working in the royal court. Both shows are enjoyable, if you like one, you will like the other.
report Recommended by star5310
Akagami and Saiunkoku share many similar aspects from the characters they have to the messages they both convey. Both centre around a main female protagonist that becomes acquainted with a member of royalty (Prince Zen-Akagami, King Ryukki- Saiunkoku) that impacts their lives drastically. Shirayuki(Akagami) and Shurei(Saiunkoku) are both intelligent, independent, kind, strong women who are driven to achieving their dream careers. Both series have numerous characters that's are incredibly easy to love; even the antagonists. They also are similar in the romance department in the fact that, while a strong element in both, it is by no means the focal point of the story. They contain   read more
report Recommended by Mar34
Strong willed female lead with brains wants to make a career on her own while a handsome royalty falls for her. Saiunkoku Monogatari emphasises more on her path and her independence instead of the romance.
report Recommended by Greezen
The major similarity is their studious female protagonists. Shuurei’s desire to become a court official and Shirayuki’s dedication to become an herbalist is very much alike. These talented girls do their best to attain the position in palace that are usually held by men. Both anime are entertaining plus inspiring and they share the theme of hardship, passion towards dream, romance and royalty.
report Recommended by Scarlet_Ru