Beelzebub, Ao no Exorcist Recommendations

If you liked
Ao no Exorcist
...then you might like
Ao no Exorcist
Both are highly popular shonen action anime revolving around Satan's child.
report Recommended by TheCuban
-Both revolve around demons.
-Both have the demons king's son live with the humans.
report Recommended by xXKhalidXx
+ Both are funny
+ Both main characters are badasses
+ Both main characters are delinquents
+ Both are related to demons
report Recommended by faggotsama
-Both are related to demons.
-Both have a main character who is Satan's child.
-Both are better than average shounens.
-Very good action
-Both need a second season.
-Both deviate from the original source material, the manga.
-Both have very similar stories
-Both have very similar animation
report Recommended by LPGeneratorx
- Both animes focus on the son of the Demon King / Satan in the human world, both protagonistshave to learn to control their powers (Rin his blue flames and Beel his electricity, in the case of Beel he evolves with Oga).
- In both there are clashes between humans and demons.
- Ao in the Exorcist being more dramatic and, Beelzebub being more comic.
report Recommended by DaviCardoso