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With Ookami Kakushi, think of a much softer, less violent version of Higurashi. Except, what we seem to be dealing with isn't a festial revolving around a god of death, but a wolf god. There are enough changes, for it to be it's own story, yet simular enough to ask, did the creator get some ideas from Higurashi? That includes some of the sound effects.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are about someone moving into a mysterious mountain town where the main protagonist is really popular. They have the same "Everyone is dying" feel to them... and they both have a big town legend mystery that you have to try and solve.
report Recommended by Emily_AFX
You get the same feeling from them; cute characters, but a mystical atmosphere.
report Recommended by Chantille
Same creator, but not same awesomeness. Secrets, festivals, mysterious killings, legends and innocent school life are the things connecting those two series. If you liked one you might like the other, but Higurashi is much, much better.
report Recommended by Frisco
Just by seeing it, it gives off the feeling that everyone is hiding a dark secret from the new guy, just like in Higurashi. People disappearing and cover ups, all relevant. Loved Higurashi and this one looks like it will be just as good.
report Recommended by ShadowDra
Both start with a boy joining a new city, and have no idea what is in store for them, they son find out that there is more to the city than they first thought, and that close friends seem to be keeping everything from them.
report Recommended by Nagato198
Both have a guy that moves to a new town that is constantly surrounded by girls, a festival, and a mysterious secret.
report Recommended by Squirrelpaw4970
they do give the same vibes. the normal days in this anime is kind of lighthearted to the point that it almost looks like just some kind of a happy anime with normal stuffs going on but later on the much darker and much more serious stuff will come out just like higurashi
report Recommended by ekz
Ookami Kakushi is from the same guy who wrote Higurashi (Ryukishi07). Also, both animes features cute characters inside a mystical atmosphere (Yandere).
report Recommended by Sheavi
They both have a lot of similarities, with the upcoming festival, girls surrounding the main character, a new transfer student, a lighthearted feel covering a sinister undertone, and the new and old town resembling the dam construction project in Higurashi. And they're both by the same author.
report Recommended by Xer0117
They both take place in small towns with killer lolis.
report Recommended by monkzzz
Both have a similar plot: A boy transfers into a town where there's a curse that turns people insane
report Recommended by ACBlackJ0ck
-both have a boy moving in to a town -in both is a curse which turns people insane -killer lolis -both are from the same author...but Ookami Kakushi is less violent then Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
report Recommended by girlchan177
Most of it is considered a rip-off of Higurashi. But it's actually epic and even though it's similar to Higurashi a LOT, it was one of the best and memorable anime I'd watched in a while. There's an orange festival in Ookami Kakushi similar to Higurashi's Cotton Drifting festival, there are dam issues in both series - and many more similarities. I strongly recommend this to people who enjoy memorable music, great animations, a calm atmosphere (at times), which then occasionally shifts to a horror-like atmosphere, much like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
report Recommended by S-Mazoku
Ookamikakushi was a sad attempt by Ryukishi07 to relive the success of Higurashi no naku koro ni by literally copy/pasting the entire plot and only making small tweaks to the storyline. If you're looking for something similar to Higurashi then look no further than Ookamikakushi... Just don't expect too much from it. Similarities: - Takes place in small rural town - main dude moves to town - everyone is nice to him at first but some people be actin p sus - really clingy girl that likes the dude a lot (Rena/Isuzu) - the only people who hang around the dude are girls - mystery about the town's history/traditions - both   read more
report Recommended by Tamakiiiiiiii
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