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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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The both have Psychological experiments as a premise. They take place in a mysterious village tucked in the middle of nowhere similar themes of ghosts, characters with strange personalities, and legends
report Recommended by nekonapping
-Mysteries around a small village -Cute girls being creepy -Human psyche being tested
report Recommended by NewG
Booth shows start somewhat normal, until things start to get downright creepy. Both Mayoiga and Higurashi have an eerie atmosphere. Booth villages (Hinamizawa in Higurashi / Nanakimura in Magyoiga) are quite mysterious. The characters are also not what they seem at first.
report Recommended by _Andreia_20
Probably the most similar show: the uneasy atmosphere is present in both of us. Mayoiga and Higurashi are set in a mysterious village (Nanaki and Hinamizawa), filled with many legends (the Onigafuchi myth and the legends about Nanaki) and both of them include a creepy folksong. In both of them, all the characters try to hide their unclear past and in both of them, the main character is not from the village...
report Recommended by SpaceMarsouin
I have only watched the episodes out at the time of wright this but from what I have seen so far both this series and Higurashi seem very similar in tone.
report Recommended by SuperZeldaGirl
While I was watching the first episode, Mayoiga was remembering me all time Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (also Shiki, but it's most paranormal). Both series happen in a world apart village, with very characters, deaths, mystery, the main characters isn't from this village, crazy people... If you like the "genre" strange villages, it will like you.
report Recommended by Uiriamu