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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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They share a similar eerie mood and atmosphere.
report Recommended by Yamaro
Both are set in small villages, starring a young group of friends who slowly become aware that there's a hidden sinister side to their world.
report Recommended by jacketboy
Both are set in a small village seemingly far away from the world, and have creepy undertones and occasional gory deaths. Many of the village's terrifying secrets are kept from the main characters (a group of children) in both.

For both series the animation style is incredibly moe and big-eyed for the genres that they are as well.
report Recommended by Fishcaek-Chan
Both take place in small villages in Japan. Both have similar atmosphere of "fairytale that goes wrong" with a lot of drama.
report Recommended by iRayden
These two series both give off a similar feeling with a mysterious-like aura.

Both series involves a group of friends where there is a feeling of unease with what's going on in the backgrounds.

Both series takes place at a small village setting where the population is minimal but secrets are numerous. There are questions that needs answers with which the main characters tries to solve and explore.

report Recommended by Stark700
In most anime the rules of the world are something you are given straight away. However both of these anime subvert that trope. You are slowly given clues as the world unfolds however half of those clue are red herrings and will make you second guess everything you are told.
The Higurashi adaptation is not perfect and has had many flaws, though I haven't read the Shinsekaiyori light novel I suspect it might be a similar case.
report Recommended by Dethbeast666
Both anime have kids as main characters, they get mixed up in some supernatural stuff. They have same atmosphere, bunch of unexpected plot twists and weird endings. Shinsekai yori is not as violent and gory as Higurashi, but they just had the same atmosphere and i really enjoyed watching them. I recommend them to all mystery and horror lovers.
report Recommended by Raito-senpai
¿Son tus amigos realmente tus amigos? ¿Quién es bueno? ¿Quién es malo? ¿Cuál es la verdad tras toda una red de mentiras? Una oda al suspense y la intriga que no deja sino la puerta abierta a la especulación y a las teorías.


Are your friends really your friends? Who is good? Who's bad? What is the truth behind a web of lies? An ode to the suspense and intrigue that leaves the door open but speculation and theories.
report Recommended by laugher
Both series repeatedly switch between slice of life and horror. In both series, enough time is spent with both the slice of life and the horror that the viewer should enjoy both genres to really like each series.
report Recommended by Hasty_Boom_Alert
For me, an anime / bad is decided on the contents, especially with Mystery favorite genre like this, it is increasingly important. SSY is an anime content or transmit to the viewer the sense message
report Recommended by KyoSenpai
Both involve living in the small parts of Japan.
- In Higurashi because the MC had to move on there.
- In Shinsekai Yori because it takes place on a dystopia on the new millenium.

They also involve horror, mystery and emotional moments.
Just don't get fooled by the moe artwork of Higurashi.
report Recommended by FlakeyBear