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-Both have a heavy focus on time travel and similar rules about the past: death being difficult to change, not causing too much of a scene in order to prevent the future from radically changing, etc. -Both feature some kind of mysterious entity that is clued at to be in the know about the protagonists abilities -Both have a larger cast of college age characters that don't all know about the protagonists discovery at first but find out more as the story goes on
report Recommended by thelectricow
Timey wimey
report Recommended by shinameega
Both are sci fi suspense mystery stories are focused around the concept of time traveling and what could go wrong, if you mess around with such a thing too.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
The concept of time travel where making the wrong decision will have butterfly effects is the same in the two anime also the mystery and plot twists are both very good.
report Recommended by 12fps
Better version of time travel and better intrigue. Also similar way of having multiple sub-plots interweaving.
report Recommended by prouted
if you loved steins gate then Link Click is the perfect anime for you. amazing animation and story involved around traveling back in time to correct mistakes, every action here has a consequence and will impact the future, the characters have powers but they also a set of well defined rules that limits them making every power complimentary to each other and not too much OP. the sound track is a banger
report Recommended by satanswaifuism
God-tier time manipulation and thrilling moments in both anime. The drama and looming death aspects are the best I've ever seen in anime.
report Recommended by Cypress_King
they are both time travel stories that explore the consequences of messing with the past. while the slow burner start and more complexity of steins;gate makes it the better time travel show, link clicks easy to understand but clever concepts make it by far the easier watch. they also both involve very clever twist and turns that make you always want to click the next episode.
report Recommended by APolygons2
Both deal with time travel in the same way, both brilliant, the style of storytelling that makes you fill in the blanks in your head, if you pay attention you will be rewarded, and of story, please watch both, do yourself a favour.
report Recommended by EDGE666
Both anime deal with going to the past. Both anime try to solve problems while going to the past Both anime use the "big changes in the past lead to big changes in the future" and "meaningless changes in the past converge to the previous outcome (nothing changes)" Both are good for science fictionish enthusiasts (because it's not 100% fiction, in steins;gate 90% of what is said is true in real life) Both anime goated <3
report Recommended by Kqnashi
Both time travel and tackles the consequences of it
report Recommended by Wiseee
Both are time travel thriller with emotional moments and twists in the story. Both are incredible, and Season 2 of link click is coming out this summer so catching up on it now will prepare you for the upcoming season 2
report Recommended by Deathops222
Time travel centric suspense thriller anime with unpredictable story line.
report Recommended by ZXEAN
Both explore aspects of time travel while also containing a lot of cliff hangers and plot twists.
report Recommended by Kai-son
Both animes relate to time travel as the main focus. I think if you liked Steins; Gate then Link Click is a good choice when thinking of other animes to watch! Both have the sense of thrill and mystery. My personal opinion is that Link Click is much more engaging and is more fast paced than Steins; Gate. However if your in for the long haul Steins; Gate is good too! ANYWAYS TLDR, both will have you on the edge of your seat :) 10/10 recommend.
report Recommended by Boofay
Both anime are based on time traveling. Whereas , Steins ; Gate is a typical time travel and science anime , on the other hand Shiguang Dailiren's concept also consists of going back in time through pictures.
report Recommended by DarkHumor04
Both are time travel anime (with well crafted time loops) that explore similar philosophies of whether you are truly bound by time; forced to take decisions they don't want to in order to create a better world. While Link Click's story isn't as masterful as Steins;Gate, the tales told are a bit more episodic and can appeal to a different audience. Link Click's use of cliffhangers also keeps a superb job of keeping you glued to the screen throughout several stories and you're really just sitting there at the end of each episode with a surprised pikachu face Link Click is better than Steins;Gate in a   read more
report Recommended by DeadlyChuck314
A story about time investigations, with questions of ethic of time travel.
report Recommended by RobIsAnOtaku
Both are centered around time travel with their own unique concepts.
report Recommended by IBN5100_
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