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Tokyo Revengers
Both Tokyo Revengers and Steins;gate have the time travel element Both have romance concept (Saving your girl) Both have a great character development Both of the show are well written with great plot twists Both of the shows have charismatic characters
report Recommended by Seadragongamv
in both anime, the protagonist travels back in time to save his loved ones, and faces difficulties. If you like time travel , then I advise you to watch these anime.
report Recommended by Saburiminaru
Following a "damsel in distress" type of story, but presented in a modern way as it uses fictional scientific concepts to achieve just that. With that said, having some romance concept on a sci-fi show feels unique on its own; however, when one really watches these, then one would find out that there is more to these than what one could expect. Give it a try and see for yourself.
report Recommended by Solaris-----
Both Tokyo Revengers and Steins;gate have the time travel element and art both have to save the things they hold dear, they can't take their time either since there is a time limit, the protagonist in Tokyo Revengers has a lot of emotions and is pretty fleshed out I'd say so if you liked that aspect of Steins;gate then that's another thing to add to all of the wonderful takes on why it might be good for you!
report Recommended by Joseph_Joestar__
It is Steins;Gate but Gangster edition where Villian is Genius
report Recommended by Naruto_Brat
- Similar plot structure when it relates to time travel - Both have heavy emphasis on character development in order to progress themes and plot points - Heavy emotion in both. If you are a fan of the tragedy, both of these anime should appealing to you. - Main difference between the two is the tone of everything. Steins;Gate maintains a serious tone throughout, with the only lighthearted parts being the characters actions and speech. Tokyo Revengers juggles a balance between being set in middle school, but also in a gang, which both convey completely different tones. It does manage to do this quite well however, but personally   read more
report Recommended by SnakeWorshiper
Failing to save someone ended up having regrets but sometimes if you save them it will be ended up in a good way but sometimes in a bad way. Recommended to watch them.
report Recommended by BlackSpx
Both MC's are kind of similar Both shows have time travel in it Both shows have great animation Both shows are thrillers and work your mind Both are great shows
report Recommended by Meqxzz
The concept of time travelling is nearly the same, whenever they change the past it affects the future Both of the show are well written with great plot twists Both of the shows have likable characters If you like steins gate you will enjoy this too
report Recommended by Lone_Shadow_
Even if there are a few differences between these two, they both have that great element of travelling through time and the following consequences. With that I mean the protagonist changes something, goes back to the present and has to deal with the differences by changing stuff to get an "ultimate timleine". (sorry for my bad engllish explanation skills9 I just love these two because it is interesting to see what a minor change in the past can do yknow? AND THE CHARACTERS AHHHH the story of TR in general is outta this world in my opinion, because you suffer with the characters like they   read more
report Recommended by NinskiBobinski
-Both are related to time traveling. -Both have similar reasons for time travel.
report Recommended by MrFishstupid
If you enjoy the time traveling concept, Steins;Gate definitely has a more established plot than Tokyo Revengers. Steins;Gate is however more scientific and technical, but is really one of the best anime ever created.
report Recommended by cheesekai27
- time travel - trying to save someone who passed away by going back in time over and over again
report Recommended by cryoharra