Steins;Gate, Dr. Stone Recommendations

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Dr. Stone
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Dr. Stone
Both have this science obsessed main character where they try to solve every thing with science.
report Recommended by EsieEyen
Two mad scientists who are looking to save the world or make it a better place for everyone, both use different means to achieve this, containing rivals with completely different or opposite goals.
report Recommended by Appraises
- Both have a mad scientist protagonist - Each protagonist attempts to change the world with their vast scientific knowledge.
report Recommended by AwokenStroken
Both animes focus on scientific solutions and the main character is a huge fan of science. They both achieve almost impossible targets. Instead of adding a lot of science fiction, they have shown almost legimate scientific steps. So if you are a science geek and liked Dr. Stone, you should absolutely watch Steins; Gate.
report Recommended by DriftAsimov
Who enjoys those anime the most? The anseres seems so easy yet so hard, knowledge in general is what people have been seeking since the birth of society its an human instinct to lern new stuff and solve proplem after problem. Throughout the story this is what keeps you sticking to them. Lets be real who doesnt enjoy watching genius people solving problems.
report Recommended by AdreNaL1nh
If you liked Steins Gate I'd recommend watching Dr.Stone they're both really good Sci-Fi Anime, though Steins Gate might be a little tricky Dr.stone focuses mainly focuses on real-life problems that might happen and real-life solutions as for Steins Gate the anime focuses on time travel which isn't something humans can do in real-life, at least not yet I think in my opinion (lol). Both anime make references to things that exist and happened in real-life so I hundred percent recommend giving it a watch.
report Recommended by Astrollyth
Both are sci-fi with a great storyline that will hook you on them if you like science
report Recommended by Amamiya__Ren
Amazing science built stories with out of the ordinary (mad scientists) MC. Very funny and interesting, we progressively understand the mysterious event that started the plot.
report Recommended by Ikseno
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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