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- Time-travel theme, although through different ways (but both address the parallel universes theory); - Both animes have their MC trying to change the past in order to save their loved ones; - Strong bonds and comradeship in a group of friends.
report Recommended by Alinex29
Same basis, different execution. Two series that explore theories of travel in time - especially if they are from the past - (Orange in a simple way and Steins; Gate in a more complex way). The two touch the subject, that the messages to the past exist, will create some change, and how they were sent. Just as these messages have meanings to avoid events of the past that mark the lives of people. At the beginning is the protagonist against these events that will mark inside her and the people around her/he, then her acquaintances will be involved trying to change the future without anyone   read more
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
- Time travel Steins;Gate is darker and it's not a shoujo romance, but if you want to see some time traveling, then this is the right choice for you
report Recommended by ArinaChan
Both have theme time travel. But Orange have more romance than Steins;Gate.
report Recommended by Onee-ch4n
Same director, and there's the same theory of time travel. They both have romance, but; > Steins;gate is heavily focused on Okabe's journey to save himself, Makise Kurisu, his friends, and (the rest of the world). > On the other hand, Orange is focused on Naho's (Main character) redemption of her past self, and also preventing Kakeru (their friend) from taking his own life in being a part of an accident. Both have decent plots and provides a rollercoaster of emotions for the viewers. [A small spoiler ================= Even Okarin (Okabe Rintarou) makes a ================= special appearance in in a different body, ================= explaining the time-travel theory.]
report Recommended by leezodne
They both have time-travel stuff but Steins;Gate more of a Sci-fi while Orange is a high-school anime. Nevertheless both have pretty dark themes.
report Recommended by Kill_me
They are both about sending letters from the future to the past and changing the past. Their ideas and stories are really nice because they are about powers, and time traveling, although I do not think that the anime orange used this nice ideas as good as they were used and focused in the anime steins gate. This anime is also like relife but not as good as relife.
report Recommended by hacker09
Orange and Steins;Gate both express the concept of time travel and the consequences that can come with it. The main characters want to change the past and leap for a better future, but they know that there are many slight things that can drastically change the future when you try to change the past. However, with the help of their friends, they find that they won't have to bear this responsibility alone.
report Recommended by LelouchLagusa
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