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Kimi no Na wa.
Are you ready for more timeline shenanigans? Steins;Gate is a more mature series than Kimi no Na wa, but both feature organic relationships between characters - both romantic and platonic - as well as a deceptively pleasant start.
report Recommended by thechibidevil
Both has mind-blowing story full with twists and turns, comedy, and also tear-jerking. And both end with bittersweet feeling that makes you want more.
report Recommended by dindasmart
This a romantic story where the characters switch bodies and there is time travel. It is an excellent movie. You will never forget!
report Recommended by Hoshijiro
Both are time travel anime with elements of romance that transcend time.
report Recommended by Cozye
Steins;Gate is a 24 episode series while Kimi no Na wa is a movie, and so the common plot point of time travel is fleshed out a lot more in Steins;Gate. However, it is the relationships between the main characters across both titles that create the strong emotions that keep people coming back to these two titles.
report Recommended by UnliExp
Steins Gate and Your Name both mainly rely on the feeling of "longing" the kind you feel after a particularly good dream or about the one person that "got away" to build tension and maximize emotional pay off. They also both start slow to capture the audience's imagination and allow time for us to attach ourselves to the small cast within the story Makoto Shinkai's thematic exploration of "distance" and the romantic conflict that comes from distance shows up prominently in Steins Gate as well to build HIGH drama and lets just say Steins Gate isn't one of the highest rated anime out there for nothing and yes   read more
report Recommended by ejakon