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Both has the same Visual Novel Company and it makes Science Fiction very realistic. A little bit fun in the first, but it will be getting very serious about the story and it can make you believe what will happen in the future.
report Recommended by getkampredx
both animes give you a sort of "ah ha!" feeling at points as you figure out what is going on in the plot. also both of these are based on visual novels made by 5pb and nitroplus. on top of they they both give off a feeling of friends coming together to work on something
report Recommended by LoneGhostOne
They both have a similar plotline with both hidden conspiracies and sci-fi elements. plus it's the third of a series of sci-fi games created by 5pb/nitro+ which also includes Steins;gate.
report Recommended by MTstriker10
Both are sci-fi anime based off visual novels made by the same companies and are set in the same universe. Both are also very slow-paced in the first half but speed up in the second. The overall stories are very different from one another (one deals with time-travel while the other deals with robots), though the similarities are most obvious in the two lead characters- Akiho and Kaito are essentially a gender-flipped Okabe and Kurisu. Basically, if you liked Robotics;Notes at all, you will definitely like Steins;Gate.
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
S;G and R;N are practically identical in structure, which is no surprise as they both originate from the same author. Both anime start particularly slow, before building up to a grand climax. Both anime also have a well developed romance between the main heroine and the protagonist. Lastly, both anime have a scientific theme to them which is given by both being adaptions of the Science Adventure universe. S;G differs with it's scientific theme of time travel, unlike R;N scientific theme of building a giant robot. S;G also is more story driven with a more exciting plot, while R;N performs much better with it's characterisation and   read more
report Recommended by Akoram
It is set in the same universe, 10 years after Steins;Gate and it has an intriguing plot. There are mild references to Steins;Gate and they really put a smile on your face. The committee of 300 return as the main villain and Nae (Mr Braun's Daughter) makes an appearance as an important character. Overall it is a very entertaining show with lots of twists to keep you hooked.
report Recommended by Rintarou2903