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The settings are definitly different and at a first glance it may not seem that they are similar. They are both humouristic and have a nice feeling to them, but in both shows there are some events that puts the main characters on the edge and the story becomes a bit more complicated and darker. There are supernatural elements but both shows focus on the relationships between the characters and how they develop and deepens through out.
report Recommended by JaeDough
They're different, but the feeling you have after a certain awesome\sad\funny\crazy moment in either one of them, now THAT is very much alike. Actually these series will flood you with so many different feelings that you'll find yourself confused at times.. BUT there is one feeling that I remembered experiencing a lot while watching these two, and that is . BUT again, it was worth it.
report Recommended by ChemicalBlack
A group of friends, consisting primarily of 2 guys and multiple girls, deal with strange phenomena. In Kokoro Connect it's supernatural effects that start with personality-swapping. In Steins;Gate it's standard science fiction fare with teleportation/time travel.

Both are darker and more serious than they first seem.
Both are more character-driven than plot-driven.
Both are excellent anime that put their own spin on their respective genres (slice-of-life, science fiction).
report Recommended by ataraxial
Both are very emotional series about a group of people trying to deal with a major problem at hand.

Kokoro Connect deals more with social and mental issues while Steins;Gate deals with more worldly issues.
report Recommended by trigger_death