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Mawaru Penguindrum
Its about changing time/fate to save some one soo dear even if it means sacrificing oneself. So many twist keeps u on the edge of your sit every episode and story lines changes so you dont even know whats going one even when you thought you just had, it. Both Amazing animes.
report Recommended by BeautifulViolet
The Anime deal with other world lines and the story lines both make the viewer guess what is going to be happening next.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Mawaru Penguindrum is more of an acquired taste than Steins Gate and it won't appeal to everyone, but both deal with themes about: - Love (Family, Friendship, Romantic and even obsessions), and the lengths people would be willing to go for a loved one - Fate and changing fate - Grief, death and self-sacrifice. Both start out quite light-hearted and then all of a sudden become serious, both have a good drama element which will leave you wanting to watch more and both have twists in the plot that keep you interested until the end.
report Recommended by phai
my recommendation is not like "oh the main character of this anime has a blue hair and in this anime, the main character also has a blue hair". My recommendation is more deeper than this. In this anime the brothers were using the power to change time and people's destinies to fulfill their selfish needs and just like this anime, In Stains;Gate, the main character also uses the power to change time and people's destinies to fulfill his selfish needs whether it's good or bad. If you liked the Mystery side of this anime than stains;gate is not really for you, but if you liked   read more
report Recommended by htdepaula
The essential 'flavour' of both anime is similar. They are both a confused and uncertain search for answers and exploration into the less well-understood. The manner of plot revelation is also similar, considering their timing and intensity. The main difference between them is that Mawaru Penguindrum is a more abstract, idealistic take on the above.
report Recommended by tk_a
similarities in both anime: -have many plot twists. -the theme is rather dark. -since there are many mysteries in both anime, I think the audiences need high concentration while watching those.
report Recommended by amikyu
Both revolve around main characters trying to save a girl, in this instance, their sister. Both include many twists and turns in the plot that don't take away from the main storyline, and also have a deep tone of "If you watch the first episode, many random things will happen, but if you watch it all the way through, then you'll understand everything.
report Recommended by Long5500
Both stories have a slight mystery element to them. They are both cleverly written with events that will shock you. Both series start out light hearted before becoming dark and sad. The art style to Mawaru Penguindrum is brighter and more colourful than Steins;Gate but I'm sure most people will enjoy it because it is beautiful. In Steins;Gate, the main protagonist will do anything to save someone he loves. The two brothers in Penguindrum will do anything to save their sister.
report Recommended by Pastel_Luna
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