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Main character have mobile phone that can change fate and future. Also include conspiracies and somewhat twisted.
report Recommended by Samwanwan
I absolutely love both of these series. Both are the type that make involve great and amazing plot twists and action that will keep you on your toes. I love how everything ties together, and almost nothing isn't important. Absolutely recommend both!
report Recommended by Katiekat1228
Both series have to do with messages on cell phones. In S;G they send messages to the past as a way to 'time travel' while in MN!, a person's fate is written as a diary. Both animes are excellent psychological thrillers.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Cell phones, thriller, drama, and epic action scenes. What else could we ask for more in both of these incredible anime(s)? Both Mirai Nikki and Steins;Gate also incorporates the usage of cell phones although for different purposes. Additionally, there is romance in both series as well as comedy and emotional drama. As the series continues for both anime, we also see various plot twists and cliffhangers that leaves the audience asking "what's next"?
report Recommended by Stark700
Both animes are related withe the time and situations that must be handled according to time rules, the main characters become sort of "time lord". Nevertheless Steins; Gate has a cientific approach while Mirai Nikki get a supernatural like.
report Recommended by hadassawp
Stories that work on similar science-fictional theories, in which old-styled cell phones play an important role. The protagonists have the ability to change future, but there may be consequences.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both series have something to do with the future and time travelling. The main character goes to so much trouble he never asked for that you will start to feel sorry for him. The emotions in these series are see deep that you just cannot do otherwise than feel along with the characters. I am really sure that you will enjoy them both.
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both share an impossible romance, hard to endure emotional moments, similar time and space theories, character development and backstory, lots of plot twists, awesome music soundtrack and seiyus (voiceovers). In both case, you end up marathoning the whole thing in a day or two =)
report Recommended by Hyunckel
Both animes deal with how the future can be changed through certain actions, the difference is that Steins;Gate is closer to reality, including elements that exist such as "SERN" and "IBN" (that would be the "CERN "and" IBM ") and characters using time machines, since the Mirai Nikki is a game where you can not return to the past but to predict the future, but it is a game of survival and all holders of" Mirai Nikki "have to kill the other carriers.
report Recommended by KnuckP
They both use cellular devices to depicts the future or time travel in steins gate case, they both have very strong plots that make sense for something like time travel being involved, the differences is that Mirai nikki is sooo much more violent I would not recommend it to people who dislike gore.
report Recommended by lolzxDrofl
Both series has a complicated story that involve world line, which make interesting to watch if you like complicated story. really had a brilliant story and confusing if you don't watch it until the last episode.
report Recommended by Maki-Natsuo
Both are somehow about survival, but Steins;Gate is more about trying to get everyone alive, Mirrai Nikki is about being the last man standing. Both have sophisticated bonds between characters and unexpected moments. Both involve using mobile phones to something irregular.
report Recommended by abystoma2
-Both protagonists use their cellphones to change the future -Both protagonists try to change the outcome of a future event to protect their loved ones -Both include a female and male lead that try to interfere with "fate" -Both have a complicated plot which plays with your mind *P/S: Keep in mind that Mirai Nikki is a lot more twisted if you like that aspect.
report Recommended by Aileenam
These animes has one very similar aspect, but with one big difference. In mirai nikki you know your future, in steins gate you know your past. They know how to change their future in mirai nikki and they know how to change their past in steins gate. But what they both do not know is what will happen if they change it. Even the fact if you make it worse or better is never clear. Of course you can always think that it cannot get any badder. The other fact is that they know their past and future immediately after that. So they can change it   read more
report Recommended by guillaumec
Mirai Nikki and Steins;Gate both deal with changing the future, and past. Although one is more action orientated, and one is more scientific. Both contain amazing revelations and keep you on the edge of your seat. Mirai Nikki is more heart pounding and supernatural, but Steins;Gate is more intellectual. Both are deep and most importantly, these shows have AMAZING character development. We can feel their tremendous growth, their motives, and their ambitions. Tearjerker, heartwarming, and immersive, if you've seen one and want an anime that makes you think just as deep, check the other out.
report Recommended by _Dazzle_
Both series deal with the concept of using "time" to your advantage. While Steins;Gate is about changing the past, Mirai Nikki is about changing the future. Both stories are dark albeit Mirai Nikki pretty much starts out that way while Steins;Gate had a long buildup towards it. Both series have interesting characters and you'll enjoy learning more as the stories progress.
report Recommended by sodaman28
They both involve cellphones as a central plot device as well as complex time travel (this is more evident in S;G than MN). They also have psychological elements and a romantic subplot
report Recommended by LoveLikeBlood
Anything and everything can change something especially since both use cellphones to alter the future and outcomes of different events of course mirai nikki has a lot more gore and in my opinion Steins;Gate is better but they have similar base plots.
report Recommended by LEMonSenpai
- Both trying to change the fate or the outcome of different situations - Both have a very harsh psychological aspect - Both Protagonist have the ability to peer into the future. - One is more realistic doing this scientifically while the other is more of a horror game - The female protagonist, one is Yandere one is Tsundere.
report Recommended by Genesisis
They both include the concept of time. However they do it in different ways. Steins;Gate uses time travel while Mirai Nikki uses the concept of predicting the future using diaries. In Steins;Gate, you can also somewhat figure out the future if you travel back in time. They both execute these ideas perfectly, in different ways and they both work.
report Recommended by fillyy
Changing the future plays a large part in both series. Both the protagonists discover the ability to alter the future and use that power to try and change it to their liking. If you enjoy thrillers that keep you at the edge of your seat you might like both the series.
report Recommended by Sande
Both kind of have to do with time and how changing the past can affect the future.
report Recommended by oreoz673
Both Explain about time the difference the steins;gate is about adult life and Mirai Nikki about kids and his friends.
report Recommended by PrinCEESS
the both have twisted story that you can.t ander stand it till the end they are the kind of anime that you can't stop thinking whale watching if you watched one of them you should know what i am talking about and if you don't what the f**k are you doing in the characters the are soo diffrerent
report Recommended by Monky98
Similarity: Just as Mirai Nikki literally translates to "Future Diary," Steins;Gate is also all about altering the future with information that is known beforehand—and both anime alter the debacles of time through the use of particular phones! Now, what could be more thrilling and exciting than that! I mean, both anime are highly fascinating, not because the future is no longer a secret in both, but because these two shows are captivating in their own right. Suspense, thrills, action, and twists—there’s plenty more where that came from, and you’ll find quite a lot in Steins;Gate.
report Recommended by NabilAl-Muhammad
Though on the surface Steins;Gate and Mirai Nikki may not appear to have much similarity other than their aspect of time disruption. In reality, the two are much more relatable. For instance, they each have a psychological element matched with a suspenseful action-filled plot. Allowing for their 24-26 episode animes to fully develop. Along with that, the intricate plot leaves the viewers guessing about the future and asking "what's next". Lastly, I'd recommend this show to anyone who enjoys plot twists and animes that portray the Chaos Theory to a tea.
report Recommended by Masterbos175
Both shows are about guys using cellphones to change the future and have really great psychological action/horror scenes that really get you in a stressing atmosphere.
report Recommended by lysanthrope
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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